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PostHeaderIcon Is Your Basement Lighting Poor? Then Try These Decorating Ideas

nullOften, the basement is the most neglected part of the house. 90% of the times, the basement is simply used to store redundant furniture. Need less to say, the basement lighting is poor.

It is time, that you pay heed to the basement and try a few decorating ideas. Often the basement stores a heap of furniture that is simply stacked in a corner. The idea is to display the furniture is such a manner that they can be used if required. Like if you have a spare lamp, and then keep it on a side table so that if required, you can light the same and brighten up the room.

You can also cleverly use your chest of old books as a side table. All that you need is a bright cloth that can cover it and make it appear less shabby.

You will be surprised to see, how these simple yet interesting ideas would help to brighten up the room.