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PostHeaderIcon Give Your Home a Fall Makeover

nullThis fall try and bring a breeze of fresh air to your home by opting for a fall makeover. Do not fret; it is not cumbersome or costly. In fact, it is fun and easy. The look for fall should be light and breezy.

A lot of sheers and transparent materials should be used to create the desired fall look. Here are a few ideas that would help to give your home a fall makeover.
Replace your heavy curtains with sheer ones. This would ensure that both light and breeze come into the room.

Change the upholstery if you can. Try and go for light colored one’s spruced up with bright pillows.

Fold the carpet and keep it inside. Instead, take the rug out and lay it on the floor.

These simple recession proof ideas are great to give your home a desired fall make over. The best part being that you can do it yourself.