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PostHeaderIcon Installing Crystal Chandelier in Your Ceiling

A crystal chandelier adds elegance and beauty to your room. There can be no replacement for a chandelier. No modern light décor can make your room appear so pretty and gorgeous like a chandelier. Apart from adding light a chandelier serves as a perfect object of beautification. A chandelier is a perfect style statement and it does much in making your home have an authentic and appealing décor.

A chandelier is no way a modernized decorating element. It was discovered years back. Only there has been a shift in style and concept. In most cases chandeliers are made of wood. Even crystal chandeliers are available in the market. A chandelier looks great on extended ceilings and it looks a bit clumsy in small homes. However, concepts have changed and now you would find decorative chandeliers even for smaller homes. Chandeliers, especially those which are made of crystals speak of style and sophistication. So if you want to give other a taste of your sense of classiness then make sure to arrange for a chandelier today.

PostHeaderIcon Mulching Your Flower Beds

There is inorganic and organic mulching. The difference is that for organic mulching, it decomposes while for the other it does not. Organic mulching includes shredded bark, newspaper, clippings, wood chips, and grass and cocoa beans hulls. For inorganic mulching plastic, gravel and landscape fabric is used.

Basically, mulching is applied to conserve moisture from evaporating from the soil. When mulching your flower bed organic is more prefer4d because on decomposition it enriches the soil further. In addition it also provides a habitat for earthworms that aerate the soil. The best mulching for flower bed is shredded hardwood. It is helps to keep the soil warm during winter and cool during summer. An alternative of shredded bark is wood chips. When you use shredded newspapers, cocoa beds and straw they serve the same purpose but they are not as effective as the shredded wood. In addition, newspapers are not appealing to look at.

PostHeaderIcon Flower Garden Theme Ideas

A flower garden theme usually gives a splash of color to any setting. Determine the flowers that you are going to plant. Ensure that the flower bed is not in a dark area when you choose to go for bright flowered like sunflowers, zinnias and roses. However, no matter the conditions, your garden you will still be able to find flowers that will look good in your yard.

You can ask an expert on the best spot to set up the garden. You should then prepare the soil by removing any rocks and scraping the grass around the area. You should add compost and ensure that the soil is well drained. Get to plant what you like. In addition you can look at various sites and websites to give a better idea. In addition, you should also determine a distinctive flower bed style that you want to use.

PostHeaderIcon Design Ideas for an Over-Sized Bathroom

It can be a challenging task to decorate a huge bathroom. It is hard to decorate the room and still give that cozy feeling. Always ensure that when decorating the bathroom that you keep it simple. This means you do not have to decorate it with a lot of items. For an oversized bedroom big is always better.

Divide the bathroom into different portions. Make sure that you buy big bathroom furniture. In addition get more towel racks to give it a cozy feel. You can also place your dresser in the bathroom. You can go for a full dresser unit or cabinet. Make sure that you take advantage of the rooms shape. You can also go for big trash cans, toothbrush holder, shower curtains and soap dishes. You can also go for personal theme like underwater scenery to give it a wonderful cozy feeling.

PostHeaderIcon Bath Towel Rack

On item that often overlooked is a bathroom towel rack. This is usually due to the fact that it so basic that people do not even notice of its existence. There are some factors that you should come into play when selecting a bathroom towel rack. One thing that you should carefully think about when getting a bathroom towel is how they will be attached to the wall.

You should consider the material that you want your towel rack to be made of. Go for a material that will appeal to your preference. They come in different varieties. Among the varieties include plastic, wood and metal. When you choose wooden towel racks make sure that the racks are resistant to moisture damage. Ensure that you secure the bathroom towels racks in a place that they can be accessed by everyone.

PostHeaderIcon How to Add a Dormer

A dormer is basically a window that is vertically set in gable jutting out from a roof that is sloping. some of the tools that you will need include ladders, hammers, nails, caulking, lumber, window assembly, shingles, siding, insulation, saw, level, plump, safety glasses. You should have some carpentry skill when building a dormer. Ensure that you abide in the cities building code. Find out where you want to place the dormer. Take out the shingles from the roof where you are putting the dormer.

Cut the studs using a miter saw. You should then construct the window frame and fit the window. You should then cut the sidewalls and frames. Put the sides together and when the dormer is in place add the wall studs. Attach the bottom frame to the roof. When you are through with the frame cut the holes and mark the corners for the ceiling cut. Use 15 -pound roofing paper and pit shingles.

PostHeaderIcon Creating a Garden Room

Basically, a garden room has the same theme as a garden. Look for a room that you want changed and give it a garden theme. You can transform a guestroom, dining room, sunroom or the living room. It is important to think about colors when you want to create a calming atmosphere. Go for dominant colors. Among the colors that you should go are yellow, green, blue or white. Old furniture will go well with garden room theme. You can paint the furniture a cream or white color.

Water is quite important for a garden room. You can place a table fountain in the room. It doesn’t matter the table fountain that you use i.e. you can use a large or small one depending on the size of the room. You can also go for the birdbaths that come with small fountains. In addition, you can use natural oils and candles to a pleasant scent.