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PostHeaderIcon Window Configuration in Earthquake prone houses

Earthquakes are one of many disastrous calamities. They destroy the entire establishment of the area. There are many areas which are Earthquake prone. These areas in order to suffer the minimum damage from the earthquake attack prefer Prefabricated Buildings instead of traditional buildings. The buildings in earthquake prone areas are meant to be as light as possible so as to avoid damage.

In Earthquake prone areas the doors and windows should be centrally located and should be as small as possible. Doors and windows should be at the same level and windows should be small as it helps to reduce the lateral resistance. Centrally and same leveled windows are the best configuration for houses in earthquake prone areas as they provide maximum protection. The windows should be at the same level to provide a continuous band. During an Earthquake attack you must always try to stay away from your windows as the glasses in it may implode and hurt you.

PostHeaderIcon Custom-plan floors

Sick and tired from manufacturer’s floor plans? Build your own. While building your home no one’s a better architect than you as you know exactly what you want. You can get many custom made flooring plans at the internet. If you have a bungalow the floor plan for it should be very comfortable and laid-back. The living area should be open so that accessing things would be easy there.

If you have bought a country home then its floor plans should reflect relaxing and rustic experience as country homes are famous for them. If you are planning to design flooring plans for your Ranch homes then the roofs should be low pitched, you can also use the split-level floor plans if you want to as they are quite common in ranch homes. Ranch homes have L-shaped hall combining the dining room and the living area. For colonial type of floor plans the planning should be a bit traditional as its an ancient form of designing.

PostHeaderIcon Proper draught-proofing in your home

Draught proofing is one of the best ways of saving energy unfortunately it is been overlooked by many. During winters draught proofing can help you save a lot of energy and thus your money. While doing draught proofing you must take care that you don’t overdo it. Keep your house properly ventilated as it avoids dampness and condensation.

The Windows of your house play an important rule in draught proofing. You can use double-glazed windows or hinged and pivot windows which are considered to be the best choices. Paying attention to your doors will help you draught proofing. The gap between the bottom of the door and floor is large so sealing it can help you. You can also use plastic and metal strips which will be nailed or glued inside to the door frame. A lot of heat escapes through the floor in fact 15% of the heat. You can fix this buy filling the gaps in your floorboard with papier mache or plastic wood.

PostHeaderIcon How to get a modular kitchen?

Owning a modular kitchen nowadays is every housewife’s dream. Modular kitchen has many benefits like it can be easily repaired, it has features like exhaust and chimneys, it has a fashionable look, etc. Getting a modular kitchen is very easy as it is available in variety of colors. You will get standardized units for the floor and the wall while buying a regular modular kitchen system.

These units can accommodate all your kitchen utensils and electrical appliances of all shapes and sizes. You can also get a custom built modular kitchen. You can also make your modular kitchen out of combinations like wood and laminate, aluminum and marble or laminate and granite. Building it from lacquered or natural wood is also an option from you. It has been noticed that most of the people prefer marbles or granite for worktops and wood or laminate for cabinets and drawers.

PostHeaderIcon Sliding Wood Closet Doors

Walk-in closets signify silent sophistication in their presence. These are longer than they are deep and hence it is required to use a sliding door for them. It brings grace and elegance to the room they are installed in.

Mostly sliding doors are made up of wood and are available in hard wood, louvered or panelled wood. A good quality door will have a damper system to control the sliding speed of door and silent rails. It should fit at place every time you close the door and without any noise.

There are various styles and designs of wooden sliding doors available in market. One can choose them as per the interiors and size of their room. For smaller rooms it is advisable to go with mirrored sliding doors as they provide you space for dressing. You can also choose from smoked mirror on sliding door to give your room a class look.

PostHeaderIcon Textured walls – what is so special about them?

Painting walls is no more only about applying a shade of single colour to all the rooms of your house. Creativity and aesthetic sense has taken this domain too far and now is the time of wall texturing. In this phenomenon a wall is painted in such a way so as to give it different effects and looks like that of a sea shore or a rocky terrain or an endless sky.

This technique makes your room livelier and you feel vibrant and rejuvenated all day long. One can give amazing 3-D effects using texturing and can make his/her room come alive. Wall texturing also helps you to decorate your home in the manner you want it to be. If ou are a sea lover and want to have that blue experience then you can get your walls textured as sea interiors. So whenever you will come back home from work, there will be your own sea to welcome you.

PostHeaderIcon Mahogany Walls

Mahogany wall panelling brings charm and elegance to your room and makes it look more sophisticated and classy. The darker tones of this wood are mostly used in offices, hotels and restaurants. With the advancement of textured walls it is also possible to get our wall painted so as to look like a mahogany panel. But only mahogany aficionados can tell the real beauty of this wood.

Mahogany panelling is a costly investment but if you have an eye for class and grace then it will not be a matter of concern for you. They will last longer and their beauty will be preserved for a longer time. Be sure to get your walls panelled from some reliable source. Artificial mahogany panels are also available in market now days. If in future you plan to move out of your house, then it is easy to get these panels removed and sale them.

PostHeaderIcon How to make DIY shelves

DIY stands for decorate it yourself shelves. It means that this job calls for using your creative streak and innovations to design a shelf for your home use. Making shelves at home is a very easy task you can undertake if you know the exact material and tools to be used.

Take measurements of the room where you want to install this shelf and decide about the size of shelf you want to make. As per our space, get wall brackets and buy some anchors to support shelf brackets. Install shelf standards at pre decided places on the wall. Fasten them with studs so that screws do not get out of wall due to exertion.

Standards should provide firm support to shelves. Now attach the shelf standards to provide base and place shelf boards on brackets carefully. These types of shelves are easy to design and are cost efficient too. They help you to manage our home space effectively.

PostHeaderIcon Exterior Screen Shutters

Exterior screen shutters are required in any house for lightning as well as security purposes. These add stylish looks to your house and safeguard it against various elements. These give a traditional look to our asset and make it more comfortable for you.

Now a day’s glass is the widely used material for regulating the inflow of light in their homes. But traditionally these screen shutters were used to control the amount of light entering a house and to keep insects away. These were used outside the main door that was usually made up of some metal or wood.

Exterior screen shutters are available in variety of size, styles and designs. The material used for making these shutters may vary from wood to iron. Wooden screen shutters are used more than others and oblong shape is preferred. The quality of material used in shutters will determine its life, as exterior shutters will be open to extreme weather conditions.

PostHeaderIcon Prefab Shower Stalls

Pre fabricated showers or pre fab shower stalls, as they are more commonly known as provide you delight of having a shower installed in your bathroom in few hours rather than 2-3 day procedure of tiled shower panels. The manufacturing and fabrication of these units is done in factory only and only some assembling is required at client side.

The most common type of prefab shower stall is a multi piece shower that consists of a bathtub, side panels and a front curtain. Soap dishes are moulded into the plastic only so that you don’t have to add on further accessories.

Prefab showers are very useful for those who want to get their bathrooms ready at the earliest. These are easy to install and need little maintenance. These are available in large variety, designs and models. You can choose one that suits best to your interiors and pockets.