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PostHeaderIcon Home Remodelling Mistakes

Everyone wants to make his home a dream home. That is why home remodelling stores and television programs are gaining popularity day by day. But one needs to be very careful while planning to remodel his home as they can fall prey to uncalled problems.

First of all you should be careful about adding into addition. Expand your area only if you plan to stay there for the rest of your life. Increase in area may add upon value of your asset but you should not make it look out of place. Secondly, do keep a tight hand on your money because remodelling may leave you carving for more and more and disturb your finances.

It is advisable to take expert advise before doing anything to your home. They will suggest you the best possible renovation techniques in modest means. If you try to do it yourself then you might end up making your home something that it isn’t supposed to be.

PostHeaderIcon Tips on Replacing Windows

Home Windows The style and design of your home windows gets obsolete with time and you might be thinking about replacing your old windows with new ones and prepare our house for a comfortable winters. It is very easy to change your windows if you know the right technique and the right person to contact with.

Before installing a new window you should know the exact size of window you need to buy. Window manufacturer specifies the window spacing required to install a particular window. Remove your old window using a hammer and a claw to take out the nails installed to keep window in place.

After taking out the old window make sure that there is no debris or used nails on the edges of window. Place new window in the opening and make it firm with the help of nails. Now check that window should be square and plumb otherwise it would not work properly. Now slide the window and check if it is working smoothly. If not readjust the window and check again.

PostHeaderIcon How to install Metal Roofing

install metal roofingMetal roofing is an ideal option to safeguard your roof form any damage in extreme weather conditions. It is durable, safe and waterproof and therefore more and more people are opting for it now days. This type of roofing calls for large amount of money but it’s a very beneficial long-term investment.

While investing a large chunk of your money it is advisable
to go with the best. Pick out the brand name manufacturers to buy shingles and panels required for the work and these companies will guide you through the installation process also. The metal panel or shingle is to be installed right on your roof.

Flashings are used to avoid any type of leakage from the roof. These safety sticks are kept in place using nails in trimboard in different sections of the roof. Metal roofing with hidden gutters is very useful as it provides a better drainage system for your home.

PostHeaderIcon How to inspect your roof

Maintaining our home requires regular inspection of different parts of the house especially roofs for any leakage, cracks or depressions. It is best to check our roof twice in a year before and after winters.

A bright flash light, a thin coloured wire and a chalk are the basic things you will need in our endeavour. Sheathing, rafters and the beams need to extremely carefully for any dried water spots. Mark these spots so that you can tell about them to roof maintenance experts.

Now turn off the lights of your attic and see the places from where light can peek in. Mark these areas with the help of wires. With the help of a ladder find out loose nails and rusted rain beams. These are prone to fall in coming future so you should check them out and fix them at place.

PostHeaderIcon Replacing a water heater drain valve

If your drain valve is not providing good water flow then it is high time to replace it because it might be clogged with impurities and dust. Leakage is another scenario when it becomes mandatory to replace your drain valve. It is a very easy job and you can easily tackle it yourself.

First of all shut off the gas supply and the main power source. Close the valve attached to cold water shut off and turn on the pressure and temperature valve at top of water heater. Attach a hosepipe to drain valve and let the water flow out to ground drain. Remove the hose when water stops flowing and then using a wrench open up old drain valve.

Use a Teflon tape to put new valve at place and then check for its tightness by opening any one of the hot water faucets. Turn on the gas supply and the main power source.

PostHeaderIcon Preparing your Bedroom for winter

There seems to be no place on earth better than your bedroom to be safe from chilling winter waves. One needs to do some modifications and preparation to make his/her bedroom more cosy and comfortable for the cold spree. First of all start with your bed sheet and replace it with a duvet of high tog rate. A tog rate of 12 is ideal for winters.

Thin cotton is not a good choice for bedding in winters. Cotton flannel or brushed cotton is appropriate to provide proper warmth. One can use electric blankets for winter bedrooms. These provide instant warmth and make you feel snug. When we wake up in morning in winters it is necessary to keep some warm clothes handy, so make arrangements for some pug or stand for clothes near your bed.

Take care of the flooring of our room. It is better to keep it covered with a carpet or rug in winters to have nice and warm experience when you get out of bed.

PostHeaderIcon Cleaning Carpets after a Disaster

Disasters are never welcome but once they happens it is our duty to undo there after effects. One of the most disastrous tings that can happen to any household is a stain or something to your favourite lobby carpet. Cleaning carpets after a disaster is the most tedious task as they are bulky and often made up of fine material that needs special care.

Vacuuming is the first option if you think your carpet is not much spoiled. It will take out the dust and dirt from your carpet and will make it little easy to clean it further. Shampooing is the next step that needs to be taken for intensive cleaning. It will cleanse heavily soiled carpets and make them a little more cleaner.

Wet cleaner is the main step you need to take to get our carpet out of the disaster condition. These machines are available on rent and are easy to use. It uses a jet of shampoo and cleanser to remove dirt from carpet and then a pressurized water jet is used to remove excess water from the carpet to make it look clean and bright again.

PostHeaderIcon Basic Home Upkeep Tips

After the tiring day at work everyone loves to come back to home sweet home to revitalize and keep up the spirits. So one must take care of little things about their home to keep it vibrant and lively. Mechanical ventilation system is the best thing to start with. This system helps bringing in fresh air to your home and therefore it is mandatory to keep its fans and filters clean. Refer to manufacturer’s manual for this cleaning.

The second main thing to take care of is the filter of your furnace. Dirty filters consume more energy while operating your heaters and air conditioners. Regular and timely inspection of roofs is required to avoid pooling after harsh winters. Also check for some depression points on roof due to heavy snow.

Sewage system should be checked at regular intervals to keep an eye on any dampness or leakage. This problem if overlooked can cause higher degree problems in rainy season or early springs.