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PostHeaderIcon Decorating your room in black and white

One of the latest decorating trends that have hit the market is following a black and white color scheme in a room. If you have been planning to redo a particular room and do not mind this color combination, follow these simple tips to get an eye grabbing interior in no time at all. However, it is best that you experiment with this color scheme in your living or drawing room and not bedroom as the latter looks best in warm color tones.

You can either get black and white texture paint on the accent wall in the room or simply get wallpaper for the same. You can choose a dramatic look or opt for a symphony between the two shades while selecting a wall paper. Follow the same color palette throughout the room by getting upholstery in black and white. Floor rugs with geometric patterns in white and black also look good. To accessorize, you can get chinaware in black and white.

PostHeaderIcon Significance of decorating moldings

Most homeowners settle for simple molding that do little to add to the overall look of a room. If you are redecorating your home, we strongly recommend that you get decorative moldings this time to enhance the look of your home. In fact, decorative moldings are a trademark of vintage homes. There are various styles of decorative moldings that you can go for depending on the décor style that you want to follow.

Once you have made up your mind about the same, ascertain the size of crown molding that you need to purchase and buy a little more than what you need. The wide moldings cost much more than their thinner counterparts. However, their impact on the onlooker more than makes up for their higher price tags. You can use the molding around the ceiling, windows, along the floor or a particular wall and for framing a bookcase. The end result will definitely please you.

PostHeaderIcon Using flowers for decorating your bathroom

A bathroom is one of the most neglected spaces in a home. If you too feel the same and want to change this for better, try enlivening it with some fresh flowers. You can also use dried flowers to add a little color to your bathroom. In fact, this is one of the best ways to bring a bit of nature into your bathroom and to keep it smelling fresh even after repeated use. You can either place the flowerpot on the bathroom cabinet or the window sill or get a free standing pole and place the flowerpot over it.

Bright colored orchids and hibiscus make the best choice for decorating a bathroom when it comes to fresh flowers. This will give a tropical look to your bathroom that you can reinforce with framed pictures of lush foliage on your bathroom walls. To complete the look, place a bowl of potpourri and some scented candles next to the flowers.

PostHeaderIcon Decorating do’s and don’ts

If you are a follower of the do-it-yourself line of thought, you would surely love the experience of decorating your home as well. While this comes quite easy to some, for others it is better to go through some basic dos and don’ts of decorating so that they do not make a mess of it. Follow a decorating style that makes the most of the location and the architectural style of your home. At the same time, use some signature art pieces to add a unique touch to your personal space.

Even though we all like a sense of symmetry in our homes, overdoing it while placing the furniture can make the room appear static. Hence do not follow a regimented square placement throughout your house. Place your furniture in such a way that it defines the flow of space. Focus on the room corners as well so that you do not have a décor blank there.

PostHeaderIcon Fireplace mantel ideas and tips

A fireplace mantel more often than not serves as the focal point of the room in which it is present. Hence, it becomes all the more important to pay special attention to decorating the same so that it adds to the visual appeal of the space. For those looking for fireplace mantel decorating ideas and tips, we have a few simple ones listed below. A classical decorating tip is placing some beautiful family pictures framed in exquisite sterling silver photo frames on the mantel.

You can even place silver candle holders on each side of the mantel to create a sense of symmetry with potpourri in the middle. Some homeowners like the idea of draping a tapestry over their fireplace and placing an ornate mirror on the mantel. You can even balance out several small souvenirs placed on one side of the mantel with a flamboyant vase placed on the other end.

PostHeaderIcon Where to place living room accessories

The placement of living room accessories such as rugs, artwork, hanging scones and mirrors can throw up quite a challenge to first time decorators. Though we are all aware of certain ground rules such as hanging an art work behind the sofa and placing a TV in front of it, there is more to living room accessories than just this. One common mistake that people commit while placing artwork or mirrors in their living room is placing it too low or too high. It should ideally be at the eye level.

The same rule applies for hanging scones that look best when placed in a pair on the either side of an ornate mirror. As for the length of the living room curtains, make sure that they only graze the floor and not settle clumsily on it. Moreover, the window rod should be places at least 2 inches above the frame of the window and extend 6 inches beyond each side.

PostHeaderIcon Find ideas and inspirations online to decorate kid’s rooms

Decorating a kid’s room can become quite a task if you are not well versed with interior décor basics. However, you can find a plenty of ideas and inspirations for decorating a kid’s room on the Internet. The two keywords that you need to keep in mind while looking for decorating ideas online is that they should be fun and cheerful. Bright colors and big stickers of your kid’s favorite cartoon character or superhero are sure to strike a chord with them.

Colorful area rugs and low stools also form an integral part of a kid’s room décor. Make sure that the room’s decor reflects the personality of your kid. Do not forget to display his or her awards, drawings and projects on the shelf and pay close attention to the designs and patterns that you select for the upholstery. Personalize the room by adding your kid’s childhood collections and pictures and a few family vacation photos.

PostHeaderIcon Add fashion to your room with table skirts

If you have become tired of seeing the same old table lying in an inconspicuous corner of your home and do not know what to do about it, why not get a table skirt made for the same. This is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to jazz up a table and to put it to multiple uses. With a table skirt made to complement the color scheme of your bedroom, you can use the table as a bedside table or dressing table.

You can also add a dash of color to your otherwise neutral palette drawing room by getting a vibrant hued floor length table skirt made for the side table. This can go just beside the arm chair or sofa and can also be used as a festive dining table for special occasions or when you have guests at home. A table skirt can be round, rectangular, drum or pleated round in shape as per your liking.

PostHeaderIcon Retro style decorating is in

The retro style that was so hot in the fifties, sixties and seventies is back in vogue and interior decorators across the country have lapped it up with great enthusiasm and fervor. If you are a home décor enthusiast you too can pick up tips about decorating your home in retro style by flipping through the glossy pages of one of the leading interior décor magazines. Some of the staples that you are likely to find there are listed here as well.

To begin with, get some jazzy magazine advertisements from the 1950’s, frame the same and hang them along the length of a wall to create your own easy on the pocket retro wall art. Invest in a few retro style furniture pieces that have an abstract feel to them. As for the color, nothing can beat the avocado green and the mustard yellow. You can event opt for furnishings in combinations of white, black and red.

PostHeaderIcon Special napkin folding for your table

The best way to add a special touch to your table setting is by opting for an artistic napkin folding that complements the same. It not only adds to the appeal of the table setting but also draws appreciation from your guests for having taken the trouble to make the table look extraordinarily beautiful. In fact, some singular napkins folding look so good that you simply do not want to undo them at all.

If you too want to make your guests feel special and add a feather to your hostess cap, you need to learn some simple yet special napkin folding techniques for your table. These take only a few minutes to make and the more you practice the better and faster you will get at it over time. A compact tailored napkin fold looks apt for a luncheon, while a simple pocket napkin fold that has been filled with flowers looks amazing for an alfresco breakfast setting.