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PostHeaderIcon How to build safe staircases

One of the most important parts of the home is the staircases. This is one part of the house that is used quite irrespective of whether you are living in a flat or a Villa type house. Only the lucky few people who live in a one storeyed house would be the ones who do not need to use the stairways on a frequent basis. However these stairways are quite a risky affair if not constructed properly. In fact if you have children or the elderly in your home then you would have to be doubly careful. You need to make the stairway in such a way that they are safe. How do you do that? There are many ways to ensure the safety of the stairs. Let us look through these and find out what are they?

The most important point to be considered is the height of each step. The height should be such that it does not hurt the ankles or put much pressure on them. They neither should be too high nor too low. Another point that you should consider is the railing. These are meant to support so, make sure they are constructed keeping this function in mind. Live safely.

PostHeaderIcon Eco-friendly flooring for your home

Are you in favor of keeping your home green and eco friendly? If so, your flooring should not be an exception either. Of late lots of eco friendly alternatives are available in the market for you to install in your home.

Now, if you are looking for a cost effective alternative for your flooring which is equally eco friendly, then Linoleum tiles are a perfect pick. Not only they are fire, scratch and water resistant, but also they are quite affordable too.  They are anti bacterial too and hence a very good choice for rooms exposed to moisture such as bathrooms.

You can also go for glass ceramic tiles which are created out of recycled products such as glass jars and bottles. Bamboo as a flooring option is also a fine pick, as it not only is eco friendly but also quite in trend of late.  Pick as you desire, but always remember, a green choice is always a sensible choice.

PostHeaderIcon How to Get the Right Fireplace for Your Rooms

Doesn’t it feel absolutely heavenly when on a winter night you sit on a high backed chair, with a book, by the fireplace sipping whiskey, wine or even coffee? There is something so luxurious and calming about it. Fireplaces add warmth, life and exuberance to your home.

Options when it comes to fireplaces are abundant both in quantity and quality. From traditional marble or granite fireplaces to contemporary modern electric or gas lit fireplaces, you have so much to choose from. Adding a fireplace to your bedroom will add the passion and warmth of fire. Symmetry is very important; the fireplace shouldn’t look cluttered, decorate it symmetrically and keep the size constraints in mind.

Add a fireplace to your kitchen, to give you a warm comforting presence while you cook. A fireplace in your study is another excellent addition to add to the elegance and earthiness of your library. Outdoor fireplaces are also very convenient and trendy.

PostHeaderIcon How to make your terrace safe

A terrace is an important part of any home or building. If you are working in a multi storeyed building, where will you sneak to have a smoke? Where will your company host parties? Where will you enjoy the view of the city? These little yet subtle things happen only on the terrace. But a terrace can be dangerous as it provides a way for Burglars to enter your place.

So, making your terrace safe is an important task. Most of the apartments and buildings these days use one way doors on the terrace which can be opened only from the inside. If Burglars and Thieves try to enter into the building through the terrace door, the one way door will prove worthy! You can attach security cameras on the terrace and monitor them through a universal screen or you can attach iron grids over the terrace which will prevent anyone from entering the terrace from top.

PostHeaderIcon Outdoor fireplaces for the upcoming winters

As winters set in, fear of the cold demodulates people to be outside. However the heat and warmth that an outdoor fireplace provides makes the winters something to look forward to.

Outdoor fireplaces include the traditional backyard fireplaces, Chimneys, Outdoor fire pits etc. In-depth knowledge of each of these can help you make a choice easily.

Traditional backyard fireplaces are in the form of a rectangle and consist of a metal door that can swing to and fro. A utilitarian outdoor fireplace has a circular body with tubular metal wheels which allows the units to be movable. Chimneys allow faster emission of fire and the burning time is more prolonged. Fire bowls and fire pits hold lots of firewood and supplying equal heat to everyone around it.

Henceforth you can now enjoy the winter evenings outside without feeling uncomfortable. As these outdoor fireplaces provide you with complete warmth, creating an area warm enough to keep friends and family toasty on a cold night.

PostHeaderIcon How to decorate your balcony

A balcony is one space in your house which is as much yours as the passer bys in front of your house. Generally after a hard day’s work you would prefer to relax on the balcony. Of course a decorated balcony is a much better option for you than the bare one. At the same time, the balcony is also a part of the exterior of the house. This means when you decorate the balcony, you actually add to the beauty of the house.

Regardless of what kind of a house you are living in there are some basic ways to decorate your balcony. A fool proof way is to add lots of plants to the balcony.  Greenery is just one treat to the eye.   In case you have the space you can add some stylish weather proof furnishing as well.  Good lighting would just complete the look. In fact balconies with chandeliers look quite classy and alluring.

PostHeaderIcon Which is better: Tiles or floorboards?

Once the exterior of the house is complete, you need to get working on the interior of the house. One of the most important issues to be considered is what kind of flooring would you like to add to your house. Of course each type has its own aesthetic value and also its own pros and cons.

Floor boards are mostly of wood. This means it might be difficult to maintain the floors. A wooden floor also implies that it is more vulnerable to getting a scratch and is probably not an advisable option if you have pets around.

Floor boards are definitely a good option for a place which is cold. However for a place which is warm the best option is to go for tiles. They stay cool and comfortable even during the hot days. Tiles are way easier to maintain. But what is important is no matter what you choose; you will have to ensure that they go with the general décor of your house.