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PostHeaderIcon Sliding doors for a contemporary look

Gone are the days when sliding doors were bulky and unattractive. Today, sliding doors not only offer style and beauty to the house but also provide safety and durability along with energy efficiency when used outdoors.

Sliding doors is preferred over swinging doors as it requires a lot lesser space. They reduce the risk of you falling down incase it opens onto a stairway or a small landing.

Sliding doors won’t bang or smash in the wind. Also sliding doors is more convenient if a handicapped person stays in the house, it gives an easy passage for the wheelchair and is easier to operate.

Modern day sliding doors can bend around 90degrees and pictures can be inscribed in it too to make it look more stylized. A new “”lift and slide “technology  has been introduced where the door rides easily on its rollers but then goes down into its tracks on its own. In the near future with the increased development of technology sliding doors will be used in more new and innovative ways.

PostHeaderIcon Is it possible to paint over wallpapers?

Interior decorating your room is quite a task and requires careful attention and taste. When it comes to interiors, wallpapers play a major role in it. One should however be very careful in selecting the wallpaper as it remains for quite a number of years and can only go with certain colors. If you repaint your rooms with some new color, the existing wallpaper might not match it well.

However, these days, the wallpapers in the market are quite innovative and can be receptive to paints. One can go berserk and be creative to give the wallpapers a new look. It’s like a massive canvas in your room, where you can project your own imagination. Alternatively, you can use the wallpaper as it is for the first few years and later paint it over to bring out a new design and ambience all together. Wallpapers are a worthy investment in today’s world.

PostHeaderIcon Add serenity with damask curtain

Do you want your house to stand out in the neighborhood and make it look out of the ordinary? Use Damask Curtains. It adds a touch of elegance and grace to your home interiors and gives it an exquisite classic look. In texture, Damask is very close to silk and it connects a style of weaving.

Damask curtains are available in various colors, design, textures and are known to be very smooth and shiny. Choose the curtain according to your color and design of your walls and furnishing. Damask can incorporated in the form of drapes, table clothes, upholstery. Ensure that different patterns, stripes of damask are used within the interior of the house

Damask curtains are especially used during winters as it is made of very thick fabric and protect the house from cold wind. It makes a small room look luxurious and aristocratic

PostHeaderIcon Island color theme for your bedroom

A bedroom is a place you come back to from your busy day. It provides you with a chance to take a break and relax. This area is one of the most personal areas in your homes. To make it an effective retreat, most people add themes to their bedrooms. In case you are an island person, it would be a great idea to add an island theme to your bedroom.

Now how do you add an island theme to your bedroom? For that you will have to add on the shades of colors that are associated with an island. Blue, green, yellow are some of the common island shades. It must be taken care that all other furniture and accessories in the room compliment the shade. You could choose between wallpapers or paints.

In case you are going for wallpaper choose a poster with the image of a coast for the room. If you go for paints you could choose aquamarine shades like blue or sea green for the walls. A sandy yellow bedspread adds to the appeal.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to paint your garage floor

Painting the floor of your garage will make it look great and brand new. When it comes to garage floor painting opt for Epoxy paint as it will resist staining and will shed the dirt and the water easily. This will make cleaning the floor a whole lot easier. Here are a few tips that will come in handy when you paint your garage floor.

First, proper preparation is important before you start painting. Don’t just sweep the floor but take everything off it and scrub it well. Use plastic sheeting to protect the walls. If there are any cracks or holes on the wall make sure that you patch it well.

Second, follow the directions on the kit and mix your paint and epoxy. Use a 4 inch paintbrush to paint the borders first. To paint the rest of the area use a paint roller. If you want to apply color flakes do it while the paint is wet. Wait for a day before applying the second coat. Next, follow the directions and add the topcoat

PostHeaderIcon Dry cleaning for woolen rugs

Woolen rugs are one of most beautiful of all creations. In case you have a woolen rug at your home, you can be sure that you will be well respected for your choice and taste in home décor. However, classy objects like these also need special care. When cleaning woolen rug, the best way to clean them is to use the techniques of dry cleaning.

Why is this process seen as desirable? This method does not employ the use of water or hot water to be precise. This means that no matter how many times you clean out your rug, you can be assured that your rug is not under the risk of losing its color or fading.

Moreover water often leads to the formation of mildew and dust mites on wool. Your rug is saved that torture as well. Of course not to mention that dry cleaning is an eco friendly method. This is because the process makes use of just biodegradable materials.

PostHeaderIcon Persian rugs and carpets to add that extra touch of glamour

Want to jazz up you whole living room décor with a slight adjustment? If so, adding a Persian rug to its décor is a fantastic way of styling it all up. Not only are they fantastically stylish but also pretty durable, hence making them a really good bargain. Available in various patterns, shapes and colors, these carpets can enhance the appearance of any room.

 Now, a basic problem that arises while looking for the perfect rug for your room is that, you might not find the exact pattern or shape that you desire in the local stores. In such cases you can easily find a wide range of such rugs and carpets with online dealers. All you require to do is go online and look for reputed dealers dealing in such Persian carpets. The options are large and the payment methods are simple. Pick the one you love best and let your home be adorned in classic beauty in the form of Persian rugs.

PostHeaderIcon Add warmth and cosiness with the perfect home lighting

You might not be aware of it, but a simple change in lighting is all what a room requires to beam in cosiness and warmth. Hence, while selecting the lighting fixtures for your home, do not hesitate to spend a wee bit extra to give you home that touch of long desired warmth.

Now, if a calm and soothing ambience for your home is what you prefer, then it is best to stick to dim lighting fixtures. Lampshades work best to enhance that feeling of calmness and serenity in any room. Pick something that complements your room’s décor and let the feeling of sophistication and warmth flow in. Now, while lighting up spaces such as studies and kitchen, make sure that the lighting is sufficient enough to work conveniently.

Coming back to the living room, if you have a fetish for antique lamps, then they can be quite artistically used to adorn a room, hence enhancing its appearance. So, go ahead and make your home warm and welcoming like never before with just the perfect lighting.

PostHeaderIcon Ways to achieve natural lighting for your home

Lighting design is an integral part of home décor and a lot of people solely depend on electrical sources of lighting for the same. However lighting your house with natural lighting is not only eco-friendly but is also a lot healthier. There are a few ways in which you can increase the seeping of natural light in your house.

Firstly, make sure that all the entryways in your house, from where light can enter are not blocked. Whenever possible pull up the curtains, blinds and shades. Make sure that your furniture does not block the way of the light. Secondly, clean the translucent surfaces of your home regularly. Do it thrice a week using a mixture of water and white vinegar.

Try to install mirror surfaces in your house. The sunlight will bounce off the mirror surface and spread in the rooms. Hanging crystal beads will also have the same effect.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to maintain your stainless steel kitchen knives

Most of the stainless steel knives we buy are from a super market, they are priced well below $10 and they come from a brand which we have never heard about. All these qualities make you vulnerable to a knife and if handled wrongly, they could pose life threatening situations against you.

A knife has to be handled with care but activities we do in the kitchen need us to be tough against the knife so maintaining the knife properly will only save you from all those threats. Never cut without using the backup board. Most of the knife companies provide their own boards and if you don’t have one, you can buy them in retail. If you cut things in just plain surface, there is a chance that the things will bounce up and cause a reaction against your knife and it will end up in you getting injured.