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PostHeaderIcon Tips to update home interiors

Do you envy your neighbors brand new furnished apartment? And are you tired of living in the same old monotonous décor? Here is a list of home decorating tips after which you will stop complaining.

Ensure that all electrical fitting and wirings are intact; remove all old chipped paint from the walls and the furniture’s. Redecorate the house with a new coat of paint that will magically transform the old drab house into a living castle. Use bright colors and modern texture to brighten up the walls.

Replace old furnishings like cushion covers and bed sheets with funky new bright fabrics and revamp the furniture’s with new upholstery. Accessories make a big difference, too many makes the room look cluttered whereas too little makes it look dull old and boring. Strike the right balance.

Re-polish the kitchen cabinets to make it look brand new. Hang bright colored cutleries on the wall to cheer up the kitchen. Gardening cannot be neglected, cut your grass once in 6-8 days.

PostHeaderIcon Cleaning tips for kitchen cabinets

Maintaining a clean and hygienic kitchen is a challenging task that requires a lot of effort and upkeep. The kitchen cabinets, in particular, need a lot of attention as they constantly accumulate grease, dirt and food stains. With the help of few tips and pointers, you can keep your cabinets’ spick and span.

 Baking soda is highly effective in removing grease stains and sticky dirt. Prepare a solution by mixing two teaspoons of soda in a cup of water and clean with a sponge. Another wonder ingredient is vinegar as it gives you fresh and clean cabinets in no time. You may also wash the cabinets with a mild detergent solution diluted with some lukewarm water. Remember not to use a scrub brush or steel wool as it can scratch the cabinet surface. Instead, opt for a sponge or soft cloth or a green scrubbing pad.  For extremely stubborn stains, you should use paint thinners.

PostHeaderIcon Baby proofing kid’s room for ultimate safety

If you are expecting a kid, then there are certain things which you need to do and the first thing on that list will be baby proofing your apartment. Even when we buy pets like cats and dogs, we contact a hardware store and pet proof our houses but a baby is thousand times more important to us than a pet and a baby has more risk factors than any pet so it is ultimately necessary to baby proof your apartment as soon as you are expecting a baby. Doing that early will be useful as early planning will cushion any delay in working.

Baby proofing can be done by yourself or by contractors who work specially on this purpose. If you go to those contractors, your job will be easy. They will come and take a survey of your place and within 3-4 days, they will finish the entire job.

PostHeaderIcon Perfect draperies for kids’ room

If you have kids at home you need to pay a whole lot of attention when it comes to decorating their rooms. And draperies play a major role in the décor of kids’ rooms. Therefore selecting the perfect draperies for the kids’ room is extremely essential. However the primary thing that you need to decide is whether you want the draperies to blend with the other features of the room or you want the draperies to be the highlight of the room.

It is important that you take your kids along with you when you go drapery shopping. Listen carefully to their opinions. Kids usually love cartoons and you can get some funky prints as well.

For your daughter you can get the flower land drape, the mermaid drape or the ladybug drape. And your son will just love the Batman never fear drape. You can opt for the whacky patterns or the truck and trains drape.

PostHeaderIcon Which is a better choice gas or wood fireplace?

A fireplace can be an extremely stunning yet a classic add on to your beautiful home decor. It will not just keep your lovely house warm and cozy but also bring a touch of old-fashioned luxury. Both gas and wood fireplaces are quite popular but they have their own set of appeal.

A wood fireplace manages to create a fascinating timeless ambience in your living room but it requires a lot of effort. You need to have a regular supply of firewood and make storage arrangements. Also, the chimney and the ashes have to be cleaned up on a periodic basis. On the other hand, a gas fireplace turns out to be a more convenient option with minimal upkeep. The low cost of gas makes it an extremely affordable option. There are many fireplace models that don’t even require a vent. So, if you wish to enjoy the benefits of a fireplace without any hassles, opt for a gas fireplace.