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PostHeaderIcon Making your basement a cool play area for your kids

Are you wondering what to do with your basement? Many people tend to turn their basements into either a store room or a game or study room. How about changing your basement into a special playing area just for your kids? Turn the gloomy atmosphere of the basement into an exciting colourful one and give your kids a wonderful place to spend time in.

First of all, clean out the basement. Fix any leaking edges, or cracked pipes and mend broken hinges, etc. windows and ventilators should also be fixed so that dust and water doesn’t seep in. Finally make sure the ventilation is good. Paint the walls with bright colours. Place pool tables, carom boards or foosball tables if you like.

Invest in some cozy couches or carpets too for making the room look more inviting. Make sure there is enough lighting available. Make shelves and store boxes to store toys and books for the kids. Finally the dream room for your kids will be all ready to be used.

PostHeaderIcon How to tackle nasty water damage

Dealing with nasty water damages can be a big headache. However, it is important that water damages are treated in time because if left unattended water damages can wreck havoc. Water damages lead to wetness and dampness that result in mildew and molds.

If you want to save yourself from the worry of fighting water damages, you will need to regularly check for the seeps. This will help you to avoid water damages to a large extent. You need to be very careful while checking the drainage system of your properly at regular intervals. Start by looking for hidden damages in the waterlines. While checking the water meter of the appliances that use water, ensure they are turned off.

Remember that refrigerators and dishwashers can also be responsible for water damages. Water standing at the base of the dishwasher can lead to leakages. Regularly check the sink area to ensure proper drainage.

PostHeaderIcon Protect your wooden floor with varnishes

Besides being extremely elegant and aesthetic, installing wooden floors can be quite a pinch to your pocket too. Thus, if you don’t take protective measures to keep it as good as new, your money will very well go down the drains. A fantastic way to keep your stylish wooden floor as glamorous as ever is to give it a coat of varnish. It gives your precious wooden flooring that protective covering without spoiling its appeal. Since, it is absolutely transparent, it retains the shine and doesn’t ruin the texture.

Now, if you want to add extra sheen to your flooring, you can do so too with varnish by adding other agents. Quite unlike regular paint, varnish doesn’t do away with the original color of the wood. Besides protecting the wood with its hard cover, varnish also effectively enhances its appearance. Now, varnishes are prone to damages if exposed to a lot of sunlight. In such cases you can add UV absorbers to keep it protected. Applying varnish is an easy task, but if an impeccable job is what you desire, it is best to leave it to the experts.

PostHeaderIcon Selecting blinds for sliding glass doors

A sliding glass door is an extremely classy décor tip in the room. In case you have one, you would know that nothing else looks so perfect and classy. The element of transparency that is so evident with glass can sometimes become quite a problem. So how can you resolve the problems without compromising on the beauty it adds on to the room?

The best way to deal with a sliding glass door is the addition of blinds. These are not just classy looking but also quite useful when you need to put them up. Moreover blinds do not tend to dampen the effect of the room.

Vertical blinds go naturally well with these. That is exactly why most people install vertical blinds over their sliding glass doors. However you can get creative and use other kinds of blinds for this arrangement, the best example being bamboo roll up blinds.

PostHeaderIcon Selecting classic clocks to give a contemporary look

It is a known fact that “history repeats itself”. Likewise what was classic yesterday becomes contemporary today. Clocks since time immemorial have been an important part of home décor. Today, selecting the right classic clock can give a contemporary look to your room.

While selecting the clock you should make sure that it complements your home décor.  These clocks form a classic piece of decoration for your house. There are some types of these clocks like the wall clocks, which comes in classic designs some even having the pendulum attached. You have the mantel clock which needs to be selected matching the table it is to be kept on. The grandfather clock is the next type which might be named grandfather but is still contemporary.

The right selection of the classic clocks can actually transform the décor of your room. Just select the classic clock rightly and it will do the rest for you.

PostHeaderIcon Paintings for your living room

Want to redefine your living room? Add a splash of different hues in your living space and make it look interesting. Painting your living room is the easiest and the best way to give it a different look. And here are some painting ideas that you can use in your living space.

Creative painting ideas do not necessarily mean something outrageous.  If you want to paint your living room in a particular color, you can try using two shades of the same color. For example, if you want to use green, you can incorporate both light green and dark green. However try to stay away for hues that “clash” with each other.

You can go in for faux finishes while painting your living room. The best way to get the desired look is using different tones of a particular color. This will create depth and make the walls interesting. If you want a rich look opt for leather faux paint.

PostHeaderIcon Table lamps for your study tables

The right table lamp is very important. Most people concentrate on all aspects of decorating a study room but overlook on the most important one. Choosing the wrong kind of lamp would mean that you would be putting unnecessary strain on your eyes and therefore hampering your eyesight. You need to ensure that the lamp you are choosing for the table provides the right amount of light and is of the right height.

The first criterion that you would have to keep in mind is the wiring of the table lamp. In case the table is set against a wall with an electric socket, it is fine. Otherwise the wiring becomes a big hassle. Often people use a wire system that obstructs movement into the room.

Once you have determined the wiring, check what kind of bulbs can be used. There are some lamps where changing of the bulb is quite a simple affair, while there are others where it is a quite a hassle. Do not overlook the height aspect.