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PostHeaderIcon Common mistakes which can spoil your home décor plans

Home décor is something which we all implement in order to show off a little. There are various types of décor that we can use but if we miss even a little detail, this stuff will become hideous. So, here is a look at the common mistakes that we might make while deciding our home décor.

If you are going with the European style of décor and you live in a Mediterranean region, you will face loads of problems. European décor involves products that are placed inside your homes. But Mediterranean is a place where you take sun baths by placing your furniture on the beaches. So, if you use the European furniture in a sea area, they will get damaged easily.

Similarly, if you use Indian wood in places like Switzerland or Canada, it simply won’t hold the cold and it will start leaking.

So, never make these mistakes while deciding on your home décor.

PostHeaderIcon Wall fountains: add a dash of magnificence to your living room

If you live in a big place and have loads of interior space, you should really consider the option of wall fountains. These things give your place a great ambience and are a great option for showing off. While these provide good ambience for your homes, they can also be used commercially. For instance, if you are running a private office, you might want to lure in customers and indoor wall fountains are just the perfect option to do that.

Before installing the fountain, you need to decide certain things. The first thing is deciding the place where you want to install the fountain. That area should be the center of attraction in your home or office. Later you should decide the size of the fountain. Then you should choose the power source for these fountains. The two options that you have are solar power source and electric power source.

PostHeaderIcon Give your living room a touch of grandeur with paintings

A living room is the pride of any home. You can impress your guests by putting in a bit of thought into the way you do up your living room. A touch of ambience and elegance will surely do wonders for your living room. Feel at home more by putting in some of your own ideas in the furniture, wallpaper and maybe even a nice centre table or a cozy carpet.

One more thing which would brighten up things around the living room is some paintings. Paintings are grand and needless to say, if they are put up in a room, they will adorn it in the most beautifully artistic way possible. Modern art and abstract paintings are good if the room is small and cozy looking. If your living room has big furniture abstract art would look fine. You can put up sceneries and portraits for larger living rooms which are more spacious. These will open up the room in their own unique way.

PostHeaderIcon Give your teenager a pleasant surprise with a well equipped game room

Do you want to surprise your teenage kids by designing a well equipped games room for them? Well, if you do, here is a bit of help for you. You will have to keep in mind that before you get the gaming kits you will have to do up the game room properly.

First lay down the floor covering of the room. Your next step will be to decide on the color of the teen gaming room. You can choose from monochromatic, complementary or analogous color schemes. Monochromatic and analogous color schemes will give the room a calmer effect while complementary color scheme will create a dramatic look.

Room layout is very important while doing up a game room. To determine the items that will fit in the room, you will need to measure the room. A proper layout for the game room will have designated areas. Teenagers want their gaming room to be comfy with video games, DVD players, television, couch and chairs. Place items in the game area. Remember that teenagers love games like air hockey, foosball, pool and ping-pong.

PostHeaderIcon How to give your home the long desired Asian look with simple changes

There is something about Asian culture and art which is appealing to everyone. They have a unique style in their art, decoration and culture which is not similar to any other culture or people in the world. How would you like to give your home an Asian touch? It’s rich, classy and yet simply very elegant. First of all hire a good interior decorator. Set a definite budget and talk it out with your decorator. The Asian look could be a little more expensive than a normal theme for a home but the end product will simply be stunning, that’s for sure.

Decorate each room differently. Low lying tables decorated with traditional mats, tea pots and vases for the drawing and dining room, classy lampshades, wooden furniture and decorative wallpaper for the bedroom etc. small things need to be taken care of too like investing in decorative items like a feng shui item or wind chimes and things like that. Think it over and give your final choice to your decorator and see your house get a complete makeover.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to do up your guest’s room with simple tips

The guest room is a nice and functional extension of every apartment and a neatly decorated guest chamber is an excellent mark of warm hospitality. Here are some simple tips to arrange your guest’s room.

Paint up the room in soft tones like white cream or light yellow to make the place more relaxing after a long travel. Try to avoid deep shades like orange, brown or red. Add some nice wall hangings or portraits. Get a nice futon bed which serves the double purpose of sofa and bedding. Dress it up in fresh and comfortable cotton or satin bed sheets, pillow covers and cushions.

Accessories like alarm clock, a large mirror, towels, washcloths and different toiletries should be in proper place. There must be a considerable closet with extra blankets and pillows. Also get a night stand or a small table adjacent to his bed to keep his own accessories.

PostHeaderIcon Planning to redecorate your kitchen, effective tips and tricks

Bored with the same old look of your kitchen? If you can go for new looks and makeovers, why can’t your kitchen? Give your kitchen a whole new look by incorporating some new innovative ideas.

Here are some useful tips. Start with the overall theme. If you are looking for an ethnic and classy look, choose warm shades of brown. Start with the walls. Choose wallpaper or tiles in shades of beige or light brown or even light chrome.

When it comes to the cabinets you can go for faux finishing, glazing and crackling after you are done repainting the old cabinets to make them look as good as new. Always put projective lamination on the walls near the stove oven and gas as they tend to get more damaged than the rest of the kitchen. Make sure there is proper ventilation as well. You can then complete the look by using interesting materials like marble, stone or stainless steel for your countertops.

PostHeaderIcon Egyptian cotton sheets: only alternative to luxury

The Egyptian cotton is famous for its good quality. It is often compared to silk due to its softness. The threads found in these sheets are long, strong and durable. It is not only strong but it’s soft and last for a long time.

While shopping, make sure you keep the thread counts in your mind. The higher the thread count is, the better the quality is. Sheets which are very soft will have the highest thread counts and will be of the best quality. These bed sheets bring you a complete new experience while sleeping. Sleeping on such soft sheets would definitely make your body feel relaxed.

There’s always a difference between the traditional bed sheets and the Egyptian ones. Even though both of them are made of cotton, their weave is different. This makes the Egyptian ones last longer. Egyptian sheets are expensive, but they are worth the expense.

PostHeaderIcon Add elegance and class to your home decor with simple tips

If you want your home to look classy and elegant, you need not fret because it isn’t much hard work. Elegance in home decor does not only come from luxurious or high priced interiors and items. You can add elegance with your own creativity and style.

Paint your walls in light beige or cream colours. They are very elegant colours and goes with everything. You can add a chandelier to your room to add class. The lighting does play an important role. So you might want to add wall sconces or pendant lights to your room.

You can have gold and silver coloured items strategically placed around the rooms. You can have sober bed sheets on the beds and get light coloured drapes and curtains. Decorate your home according to your impeccable taste.

The most important thing is not to let your home be cluttered. A neat and tidy home is the most elegant one.

PostHeaderIcon An overview on headboards for a modern bedroom

Headboards are one of the finest accessories to stylize your bedroom. They are available in a variety of styles and options so that you can easily pick the one according to the theme of your modern bedroom. Below is given a brief idea on different headboards for a contemporary home décor.

You can opt for the wooden headboards which come with the sleek lines. They are usually mounted on your bed frame and provide support for the pillows. Then you have the metal ones manufactured from the metal rods and are quite durable. Your modern home needs a stainless steel or a brushed aluminum board.

Another one is the padded headboard which either feature a light vinyl base or a wooden surface with cushioned interior. Then there are bookshelf headboards which come with good storage space for alarm clock or books. For kid’s bedroom get a plywood headboard
painted in funny or flowery patterns.