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PostHeaderIcon Different dining room furniture options for your home

A spacious and well decorated dining area wins the heart of all the guests who visits your house and at the same time makes its look pleasant and classy. A dining room must consist of the essential things such as a relatively moderate sized dining table, few chairs to accommodate your family members and a couple of guests, cabinets and sideboards without making it look overcrowded and clustered.
For selecting the proper dining table for your dining hall you can choose from the different materials like wood, marble and glass or a combination of these.

For chairs you can opt for wrought iron, cane and wood. You can also put some wonderful wall paintings and wall art in the dining room to give it a unique look. You can also put glass covers on the cabinets and side boards to give it a chic look. Some bright curtains and intelligent lighting will do all that is needed to please your guests thoroughly.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing décor pieces that last

Choosing a décor piece that can always remain in style is quite difficult. No one wants to change their furniture and home decorations each time the style changes. The taste and preferences of the people are dynamic in nature so one should invest in those décor pieces which will never go out of style.

While choosing a furniture, you should always select one that is simple and of good material. Always choose tables, chairs and sofas with simple lines. Avoid trendy and funky furniture as they present the changing era. While choosing a color settle down for neutral colors and not anything too bright or too dull as neutral colors are the safest choice. For the accessories, one can pick a few oil paintings and photographs to hang it on the wall. If most of your furniture is made of wood then you can also put some wooden lamps to give an authentic look.

PostHeaderIcon Tips of cleaning French window using kitchen frame

French windows are the special type of window found in almost every home. Though it looks excellent for show but maintaining them and cleaning them regularly is a tough task to go through. You can call the cleaning agencies for doing up the task for you, but it may be costly. You can also go for cleaning it by yourself. You will be surprised to know that you can clean the whole window using materials from your kitchen.

The frame of the window should be cleaned with vinegar or lemon so that you can remove the rust from your French window frame. The vinegar is a good anti rusting agent. The soft cloth in the kitchen can be used for cleaning the window pane nicely. By adding a bit of vinegar to the cloth will make your window pane clean. While cleaning the French window you should clean up every window pane it will make it look better. So clean the window using simple materials from kitchen.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to keep pet fur off your rugs

The pets are indeed lovely and beautiful creatures to have, but to clean their fur off the carpets or rugs or your clothes for that matter, can be a tough chore – especially when it becomes a daily thing. Here are some tips to get it off and also to avoid further scattering. You can use a scrubber made of rubber that when stroked, creates a static charge which can attract the fur off the places where even a powerful vacuum cleaner can’t reach.

Secondly, you can hand the rugs out in the sun for sometime after dusting it with a stick, or after vacuuming it. Otherwise, using a fabric softener before vacuuming can turn out be a smart ploy as the hair softens which loosens the fur’s grip making it fall out easily. Using a wet sponge to attract the fur is also possible, but requires patience.


PostHeaderIcon Learn to keep rust away from your wrought iron furniture

As the romantic monsoon season passes away your wrought iron furniture tends to get rusted. If your furniture remains rusted, soon it will result in permanent damage of your furniture. Many people find it very much difficult to remove the rust. Many people do not know that removing rust from these iron furniture can be really simple with the daily household items of your kitchen.

You can remove rust from your furniture by just using vinegar, lemon, baking soda and oil. Rust can be removed in three simple steps. First you can use the oil and rub it on the area to reduce the strength of the rust. The lemon and vinegar also reduces the power of the rust. Secondly if the area is wide you need to apply vinegar or baking soda paste on the area and let it stay there. After sometime wipe it off and the rust will be removed. You can protect the furniture by keeping it dry. So protect the furniture from rusting and keep it safe.