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PostHeaderIcon Design a dream nursery for your little one

nursery design, nursery decorNow that you are getting ready to welcome your little bundle of joy into the world, it is time that you design a beautiful nursery. Here are a few tips that will help you with the designing. First, know the room where you will set up the nursery and picture how you will place the furniture in the room. Take measurements to get a clear idea about the placements. The measurements will come in handy when you go shopping.

Choosing the décor of the nursery and the style of furniture you want in it is important. While choosing the décor of the nursery, try to keep it in line with the overall décor of your house. A modern nursery in a traditionally decorated house may not look that appealing. Some furniture that the nursery needs is crib, changing station with a dresser, glider and a rocking chair. Decorating a nursery is fun; try to be gender neutral and add teddy bears, jungle animals, stars and moons in the décor.

PostHeaderIcon An account on cleaning granite flooring and countertops

cleaning granite flooringCleaning granite floors could be tiresome jobs to several people but if you abide by a number of simple tips then the cleaning process can be really easy. If any liquid substance is split on your granite floor then without any delay you must blot it completely dry so that any amount of moisture doesn’t remain there. But never think of wiping your granite floor because it might cause harm to the flooring by ruining its surface and making it rough.

Polished granite floors require regular cleaning in order to maintain the smoothness and shine of it. You can wipe the flooring gently with a piece of dry cloth but if you have a large room then taking help from the professionals would be a better idea. The professionals’ cleaners generally clean the granite floors with buffing machines. But if you intend to clean it up with water then use a good amount of water for mopping.

PostHeaderIcon Wall hanging options for your home

wall hanging, wall decor  Want to decorate your walls beautifully? Well, wall hangings are some amazing art pieces that can be used to give your walls a wonderful appearance. Wall hangings come in a wide array of designs, patterns and colors and you can choose them according to the overall theme of your home décor. Some of the most popular wall hanging pieces are exquisite vignettes, wood frames, animal heads, clocks and beautiful stunning holder. You have to make sure that the wall hangings are classy and exquisite.

If you want something ethnic and stylish at the same time, you can opt for metal wall hangings. If you have a large wall you can opt for a big metal sculpture. In case of limited space you should opt for small pieces of hangings. You can also go in for tapestries. They exude charm and are a wonderful way to add life to your boring walls. A photo collage is also a good option.

PostHeaderIcon Gel fireplace: what is it?

What you probably used to see in movies where there used to be a fire place at almost every living room; yes it’s exactly similar only a bit innovative. It’s no more 60’s or 70’s that we’re talking about but a fire place can never be out of fashion. Having a fire place at your own house in the living room will brighten up your décor instantly. It’s an extremely elegant way of decorating your room.

There are a lot of such artificial fire places that are available in the market today which you can buy and set it up in your living room. if you’re dwelling in a country with temperature dropping to negative pretty often then having build up a fire place is exactly what you should be aiming for instead of having a room heater. A fire place is way better than a room heater in a way that it doesn’t waste electricity and thereby saves a lot of energy.

The concept of having a fire place is a British idea that initiated in the early century to keep the room warm during that time when there were no electric room heaters. Having a fire place in a living room ever since has been in fashion and will always be.