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PostHeaderIcon Disney Princess Decor Tips For Your Little One

Disney Princess DecorThe characters from cartoons and animated films have always ruled over the minds of the young and what better example do we have than that of the Disney characters. Since the early days of fairy tales, little girls have always dreamt of themselves as little princesses. They have always been amazed by these characters and thus the perfect gift to one’s young ones is to design their room according to the Disney characters of their choice.

The first thing where one can start is by looking at the colour of the walls and changing them to the theme colour of the particular Disney character. One can even go for princess beds that are perfectly designed according to the characters and are the exact things that little girls love to have in their rooms. One can also go for wall papers and wall hangings along with different rugs, all in the theme of the Disney character.

PostHeaderIcon Do up a modern home with contemporary décor tips

contemporary décor tips, home decorLooking for ways to do up your home in a contemporary style décor? Then the best thing to do is to hire a professional who will help and guide you to choose things that will look evergreen and timeless in your house so that you do not have to change your furniture every time the fashion and trend changes.

The professionals will give you all the options and alternatives about what type of color will look good on your walls, whether bold colors or light shades and whether you should go for wooden furniture or wrought iron and lots more and all you have to do is to give him or her your approximate budget so that later on you don’t find yourself with a big hole in your pocket.

One can go for conventional furniture instead of modern and sleek furniture depending on whether they have that much space in their home for traditional furniture and if not then compact sleek furniture is the ideal choice for apartments with small area.

PostHeaderIcon DIY tip to install travertine wall tiles

install travertine wall tiles, wall tilesIt just needs a bit of patience and the right set of tools to install travertine tiles on the walls of your bathroom or kitchen. These natural stonetiles are part of the limestone family and comes in a variety of designs and colours. The outcome of the self installation would be self- impressive and deduction of costing and labour time.

First thing first, sets of tool required:

Notch trovel, tape measure, thin set pre-mixed mortar, 1 by 2 lumber, framing square, tile spacers, cement board, drill, grout, sealer, grout float, wet tile saw, towel, bucket, water and pencil.

Steps to be followed:


  • If the wall is of concrete, clean it and if of wood or other material, then fix the cement board with screws using the drill. This provides a better and strong base.
  • Decide on the outline and wall designing. If the upper tiles are smaller than bottom ones, start placing the full sized tiles from below moving upward, and if the full set even then start from the middle.
  • For starting from the middle, mark the centre of the wall, top to bottom, with the measuring tape.  Screw the 1 by 2 lumber in the centre line. This will support the rows of tiles you would set.
  • The notch trovel be used to spread thin set of mortar on the wall where you would start and at the back of the tile. Take note that mortar mixture be thin as travertine tiles are absorptive in nature and might lead to decolourization.
  • Put the tile at the desired place and push it firmly against the wall. Use tile spacer and follow above steps for each tile. After completion remove the lumber and start from bottom for the lower half. Use thick grout mix with water and apply in the tile spaces.
  • Clean with towel for the polished look.
  • Apply sealer evenly into the wall.

PostHeaderIcon Things to remember while buying those good curtains

good curtains,curtainsYou generally purchase curtains to cover the windows or bathtubs for your home or place of work. When you buy curtains for your room you tend to purchase designs according to the traditional mindset of impressing the people that visit your place. Actually what you exactly consider is the style. Apart from looking stylish the curtains not only give privacy but also keep the light out. The design on the drapes must provide a comfortable atmosphere and also can also insulate.

Before selecting a drape you must consider various factors, Budget being the most important which ultimately dominates your decision. The Other aspects that should click your mind are the interiors of your room, the color theme that you have used, the sizes of your windowpanes, and the effect that you want to create. For example light colored curtains give you an airy feel whereas rich colored drapes provide you with a cozy and a restful ambience. Drapes enhance your window panes and also help your home look like your ultimate paradise.


PostHeaderIcon How to make your master bedroom appear spacious

master bedroom, bedroom décorBedroom is the sanctuary of the house and maintaining it to keep free of the everyday clothes, scattered books and other stuff amidst all the furniture is a tough job.

To make your master bedroom look spacious, you can take up a few simple methods:

  • Use the area under the bed as a storage space for unused baggage and old clothes stuffed in boxes.
  • Choose pastel and light shades for the wall, they give a spacious look to the room.
  • Get light colored curtains and blinds that match with the wall paint.
  • Purchase fully functional armoires with lots of drawer and space to hang clothes and accessories.
  • Get a low box bed with attached chests to keep books and even a reading lamp.
  • An armoire with a cabinet gives you the option to fit a television for your relaxation purpose and also saves wall space.

PostHeaderIcon Trendy Eames chair for a stylish look

Trendy Eames chairWe are all used to the comfort of Eames chair that provides extraordinary ease to those using it. Eames chairs were designed by Charles and Ray Eames, with the sole intention of combining ease with style. In the earlier days, comfortable chairs were huge and ugly and occupied a large amount of space. The Eames chair got away with this concept and introduced chairs that were not only comfortable but colorful, trendy and stylish as well.

The earlier Eames chairs were designed for homes, lounges, poolside etc. but today Eames chairs have been introduced in the corporate world for added comfort to those who sit and work all day. Eames chairs can be ordered according to your requirements, with the specified colors and design of your choice.

Today you can sit at the comfort of your home and book your very own Eames chair, irrespective of whether you want it for your office, home or garden. These chairs make great gifts and are surely an attention seeker in every home.