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PostHeaderIcon Maintaining your kitchen countertops

Tips to maintain kitchen countertops, kitchen careOne of the most chosen countertops used to decorate the kitchen is Granite. The simple reason being the fact that Granite is very durable and lasts a very long time with minimal supervision but that does not mean that one can keep on neglecting the Granite countertops and think of it to be self cleaning. Granite gives one the salt and pepper impression which looks very elegant and classy and can be kept that way for years on the end with a little care from your end.

The first thing to keep in mind is that if you spill anything on the countertop, clean it immediately. Granite is very vulnerable to acid and anything which contains even traces of acid such as orange juices and cold beverages need to be mopped up immediately to prevent any kind of damage. One must avoid adding extra weight to the Granite countertops as it might damage the edges and take away the charm from it and make sure that you use trivets to keep hot dishes and avoid direct contact with the Granite countertop.

PostHeaderIcon Highlighting a single wall of your living room

Wall decoration for living room, wall decorDo you want to highlight the wall of your living room? Then you should usually try to highlight a single wall of your room. This single wall will catch the eyes of every person who steps into the room. There are many ways in which you can high light the wall of your living room. The best way to highlight the wall of your room is by putting a different color to the wall. The single wall should be painted will a different color. The color that should be chosen should be a bright and may be textured to flaunt a unique look.

The second best way to highlight the single wall of the living room is by decorating it with different types of lights. These lights come in different designs and colors. You should choose to have a different light on the wall. The next possible way is the combination of both. Thus using the different color as well as using the lights on the wall highlighting it.

PostHeaderIcon Greco-roman décor for your bedroom

Tips for bedroom decor, bedroomPlanning to give a makeover to your bedroom? Well, then you can go for the Greco-Roman decor and create an absolutely beautiful bedroom. The Greco-Roman decor lends a majestic look to the room. People who love ancient culture and architecture will really love this kind of decor. Right from the furniture and bed to the lighting fixtures, everything will reflect style and sophistication in this kind of interior decor.

Greco-Roman decor is synonymous with thick textured fabrics that are lush and stylish. Cranberry, green and other dark shades create a very romantic atmosphere in the room. Velvets, satin and brocade are the preferred fabrics for the bedroom. Metal and furniture of dark wood is a trademark of this style of decor. Candle holders of metal placed on the small side table near bed or dressing table will complete the look of the bedroom in total Greco-Roman style. Paintings and ancient wall hangings can be used to add the extra beauty to the bedroom

PostHeaderIcon Summer colors for your living room

Summer colors for living room, living roomEverybody wants his or her home to be comfortable and soothing during the harsh summer days. Some days of summer could be unbearably hot and it is not possible to step outside the house. In this situation, your house should soothing and comforting for you as well as your guests. Therefore, it is important that you paint your house with colors that are light and soothing. These colors will not only be nice to see but they will also cool down the temperature.

The colors of the house should like white yellow, pink or blue. These are the shades that are ideal for the summer time. These colors are light and so they can reflect a lot of light as well. This will make your room appear radiant and bright. You can also go for colors like green, as it is another soothing shade. Avoid darker shades as they may not be very comfortable during summer.