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PostHeaderIcon Add a divan bed to your guest room

Guest room furniture, guest roomOne of the most practical and efficient additions to your home is a divan. It is not just a place to sleep. One can comfortably relax and read a book or watch TV from a divan. Plus they also do not lead to any back aches or any other such conditions. Divans became popular around the 60’s and ever since people have been experimenting with these.

If you have a guest room then putting up a nice comfortable and colorful divan can be a great idea. People can really feel at home and comfortably enjoy their stay if you put a divan in their room. The color you choose for the cover should match and compliment the surroundings of the room. They come in various shapes and sizes. The frames can be selected as per need. Most people choose wood over metal for a more natural feel. You can put a small bed lamp next to it for a classy feel.

PostHeaderIcon Rustic Décor Defined

rustic home decor, home decorA nice warm rustic home décor never goes amiss. There is something every intriguing about earthy rusty colors in the drapes, walls and furniture. It gives the whole room a vintage touch. If you want to living room or bedroom a rustic touch in the décor, then all you have to do is use the right elements. With the use of the right colors and accessories you can have what you want.

First of all, color the walls in nice warm and earthy shades like brick red or wine beige or even brown. Use drapes heavily. Curtains and bed sheets should be in nice copper or bronze overtones and have heavy embroidery work. Invest in a nice oriental carpet to add the classy touch. As for the furniture, you can get a few good deals on antique furniture at online auctions at cheap rates. Finally a nice vintage mirror with gold border and intricate work detailing can add the final touch.

PostHeaderIcon Decorate with architectural columns

Home decor ideas, home decorUsing architectural columns in your home is one of the most potential ways of making it look more pleasing for the eye. Architectural columns are the most popular way of adding a classic touch to any portion of the décor of your house. You can either use an architectural column to enhance the elegance of any portion of the interior of your house, or you can also use it in the exterior areas of your house like the porch. There are many variants of architectural columns available in the market and you need to choose among the various designs and select the one that matches to your preferences and suits perfectly to the décor of your home.

One of the most important purposes for the use of architectural columns is that it acts like a support for the upper part of the structure, holding the weight of the entire structure like a backbone

PostHeaderIcon Bedroom storage benches: how to use them

Bedroom storage bench, bedroom furnitureHaving a bedroom storage bench in your house is an advantage because of the fact that it serves for multiple purposes. Be it for the kids who can study or a place to keep your blankets or the closet things that do not fit there. If you decorate the bedroom storage bench then it can add style to your room. There are various types of storage benches that are available and you just have to take a measurement along with you to buy it.

Other than using it as a study table you can use it as a shoe rack or keep things that you need almost every hour like a table lamp or a table calendar or a mobile stand. You can also order for your custom made storage benches with a design to the carpenter. With a perfect size and design this object will come in handy at any time of the day.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing the best patio furniture

patio furniture , furnitureAs the trends of effectively decorating a home are fast evolving, more new concepts are getting incorporated in the ideas of home decoration. The patio is one of the parts of a house that can be decorated in a manner very pleasing to the eye. It is necessary to take utmost care while decorating the patio just like decorating any other parts of the house. There are numerous ways in which the patio can be pleasingly decorated.

One of the most necessary aspects of the décor a patio is its selection of furniture. The furniture which is made of materials like iron and plastic are not suitable to be used as patio furniture. If you are looking forward to decorate your patio, then the best choice for you might be wooden patio furniture. There are wide varieties of designs and qualities available for wooden patio furniture in the market and you should choose accordingly among the ones that matches your tastes and preferences.