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PostHeaderIcon Nursery décor for a baby boy

Nursery decor, home decorPicking up the best decoration for your baby should be an easy task and with the plethora of options that are readily available you may well be in a dilemma as to which one to choose. First and foremost the color of the room should be selected. It must be colors if light shades such as pink or blue. However there are other colors too which you can choose. These two are the most common colors that baby rooms have. Secondly you can choose themes for the room. There are plenty of themes that are very popular in the market. Some of the most popular ones are the cartoon themes, Barbie doll themes and many others.

Another thing which you can do is get different kinds of light for the room. There are various lights with different sizes and designs. This will make the room a suitable place for the baby.

PostHeaderIcon Venetian architecture

Venetian architecture, Home architectureIf you are fond of decorating your house then one of the best architectural designs that you can go for is the Venetian style. It has been named after Venice and if you select this kind of style then the architecture will be much lighter than before. It would be more graceful too. Many people have asked for an example of Venetian architecture before selecting it for their house and so far the best example has always been that of the Gothic lancet arch.

The colors that are most used in Venetian architecture are rich such as muted yellow, dark shades of red and bright blues. When you talk about the style of Venetian architecture then you must not miss the fact about the plaster. It is one of the most important components of this style of architecture and is made after mixing the plaster with a good quantity of fine marble dust.

PostHeaderIcon Adding luxury to your home with fabric

Home decor ideas, home decorFabrics are everywhere. No matter where you go and how many quirky décor you come across you will find that fabric has a big role to play. The biggest advantage of fabrics is that they are available in a vast variety of colors, prints and material. If you are looking for a bright and fresh home décor or an earthy and cozy one, you will find the fabric of your choice.

While there are cheap fabrics available in the market, if you are ready to spend a little bit more then you are sure to bring home the best of fabrics. Most fabrics are worth every penny you spend for them and they always look more expensive then what they really are. You can choose from a vast collection of fabric and use them for your home décor to add that feeling of luxury. Whether you use them as curtains, couch covers or as cushion covers, these fabrics will not let you down.

PostHeaderIcon Caring for your silk plants

Tips to maintain silk plants, home careYou can keep the silk table top plants to add an aesthetic touch to the interior decorations of your room. You can keep the plants either on your dining table or any table in the room. But to keep them looking beautiful you need to take care of them properly. Many think that the silk plants don’t require any maintenance, but this is exactly correct. The dust accumulation should be cleared off properly from the surface of the leaf or petals of the plants. You can use a damp cloth for the purpose, but make sure that you don’t rub dust into the structure otherwise it will become difficult to clean them later.

There are many cleaning sprays from popular brands that you can spray on the plants. The sprays normally dilute or loosen the dust or stains thus enabling easy cleaning of the plant. If you want to decorate your room properly with the silk plants, make sure that you clean them properly.

PostHeaderIcon Window blinds VS shades: which is better?

Window blinds, window decorOne of the major decisions which you might have to take while designing and decorating your new home is the window installments. Some people go for window blinds and some prefer shades instead. In case you are in a dilemma regarding which one to use, you should get to know a little more about both of these styles so that it becomes easier for you to choose.

Window shades are made from mostly softer material like fabrics. The choices you have here are many but people tend to settle with vinyl. You can also go for insulated shades which can keep the temperature of your home warmer during the cold seasons. You can go for Roman styled or Arabian styled shades as you wish. All these have a cord attached to the side for adjusting them height wise. Window blinds are mad of sturdier material like jute, wood and even metal or plastic. They are easier to clean and have two cords instead of one.

PostHeaderIcon Wooden Venetian Blinds: adding grandeur to your décor

Wooden Venetian Blinds, blinds for home decorBlinds are one of the most popular choices when you want to add a separator in your room, without building a wall and without going for the obvious curtain. For some blinds are the perfect décor accessories that will brighten up or glam up the living or dining room without having to spend much.

Also blinds can be folded and moved whenever the need arises and therefore if one day you get bored of them, it will take less than a minute to remove. When it comes to the different kinds of blinds, wooden Venetian blinds are the most glamorous.

If you have a wooden Venetian blind in your house, then be sure that your entire décor will get a boost and reek of glamour. They are not only glamorous but versatile as they go with every type of décor and are easy on maintenance too. Wooden blinds look traditional yet modern, gorgeous and classy at the same time.