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PostHeaderIcon Decorate your living room with leather sofa

leather sofa, living room decorYou must be looking for a very unique decoration for your living room. Every home owner wants that all the guests coming to your home should appreciate and admire the decoration of your living room. There are many ways in which you can decorate your living. But for a very unique and uncommon decoration, you need to do a bit of intense research.

Leather sofa can be a very good accessory for decorating your living room. There are a variety of leather sofas available in the market. Depending on your budget, you can choose the leather sofa. The prices of sofas normally vary depending on the quality of the leather. Also the colors of the sofas should be chosen carefully in accordance with the colors of the interiors of your house. The sofas can be deep brown colored, peach colored and even black colored.

PostHeaderIcon Make your bathroom a safe place for family member

bathroom maintenance, bathroomBathroom has evolved over time; it is the most important room in a household. As it always remains wet we must ensure the safety level which is over looked in most of the cases. These room often becomes hazardous can lead to severe injuries especially the elderly residents. Hence here are few instructions on how you can increase the safety level of our bathroom.

You should have prior knowledge about the flooring of the bathroom it should never be too slippery and at the same time one must opt for light shaded tiles. Linoleum tiles are the best option for such cases because these tiles are water resistant. We should not keep water absorbent rugs while bathing because it increases the chances of tripping and sliding. Bath lift are the another necessary stuff for elderly people it helps them easily into and out of the tub. Grab bars should be installed on durable walls for extra protection. Bathroom is very sensitive room and we should take every necessary step to ensure the safety of our loved ones.

PostHeaderIcon Importance of bamboo flooring

bamboo flooring, flooringWith various kinds of innovative green home inventions, people are going for experimenting with some of the best innovations these days. Bamboo flooring is one thing which has been creating a lot of ripples these days. The best thing about bamboo flooring is that they are eco friendly. They do not let off any toxic fumes which harm the atmosphere leading to allergies and respiratory problems or allergies. Also they don’t have any harmful paints, which mean no toxic chemical fumes from there too.

Maintaining bamboo floors is also easy because all you have to do is sweep or vacuum clean it. You can also use a damp mop or rag to clean it from time to time. But make sure that you clean it up with a dry cloth afterwards. But bamboo is slightly more resistant to water as compared to other green flooring options which means a little bit of moisture would do no harm.

PostHeaderIcon Different shape of your bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirror, bathroom decorMirrors are the most regularly seen stuff in the household. There are plenty of styles, shapes and trends in the market. Before installing a mirror in the bathroom confirm your own requirements. If you need a mirror for shaving purpose, then get a moderate size mirror and place it over the sink. Sometime the mirrors are fixed in the bathroom storage cabinet. In that case the shape depends upon the cabinet’s profile.

You can also go for the oval shaped mirrors, they look extremely superior. If you are seeking for the mirror that you will place on entire wall, then it must be of rectangular size. It creates the illusion of having a more spacious bathroom. The mirror also reflects the lights and make the room looks gleaming. The shape of the mirror is always important as it complements the rest of the element in the room.

PostHeaderIcon Building your outdoor fireplace

outdoor fireplace, fireplaceIf you want to have a contemporary look for your lawn or garden or even backyard you can enhance the value of your home and the looks by making an outdoor fireplace. First of all you would need to dig a pit in an appropriate place. The measurements should be approximately- 4 feet deep and 5 feet wide with a thickness of at least 4 inches.

The key to making your fireplace work is place your masonry fireplace bricks and stones in the proper able using the right dimensions so that smoke flows out of the chimney properly. Once this is done, start with your firebricks. The colors and design can be selected as per one’s choice and budget. Now it’s time for the masonry veneer. You can either use stone, or brick, depending upon how much you want to spend. The natural stone veneers are the most expensive.

PostHeaderIcon Picking a sturdy door

Home decor ideas, home decorDecorating a home is important and securing the home is another important part of it. There are great security options available for homes; on about it is securing your doors. For this a good sturdy door is an option. There are a variety of sturdy door options to choose from, here are some of it listed below…

• A sturdy door can be made with a normal wooden door itself, for this the hinges and locks should be strong.
• Steel doors are available, these doors will look like a wooden door by the look and its steel inside.
• Give a good diagonal metal or wooden reinforcement in the normal wooden doors, this will make it sturdy.
• A good quality strong metal padlock will also secure the door.
• Remember to use a strong metal hinge and it should be concealed in the door.
• If you still want a very strong door, then it’s better to go for a full metal door.