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PostHeaderIcon Right color choices for Kids room

kids room decor, home decorAre you planning a facelift for your kid’s room this time? Well, a fresh coat of paint plays a great role in any kind of room makeover and in many cases the sole factor creating a refreshing mood. When it comes to kids’ rooms there are a number of color options to go for.

You can go for the blue shade, but not the ultra light sky- your pick would be a medium blue shade. Blue is said to have a calming effect on human mind without being dull. It has been found that children playing in blue rooms usually get along well without quarrel or fight. Green is another good choice given its energizing effect.

You can trust on yellow as well. Yellow is a cheerful and happy color and would work to retain a zing effect all throughout the room. Pink is often thought for a little girl’s chamber. It’s peppy without being too loud.

PostHeaderIcon Making your rugs last longer

care for rugsRugs transform the look of your room by adding style and elegance. It is necessary for you to take extra care of the rugs to make it appear new every time you see it. Lack of care and attention is the reason why your rug becomes obsolete before time. There are certain tips that you be applied to enhance the durability of the rugs. The most important things that should be taken into consideration are the area where you have placed your rug. If it is under the direct ray of the sun, chances are that the color will fade out.

Remove the rug when you feel the light of the sun is at its peak and put it back again after some time. It is best to keep rotating your rug every alternate month so that the color remains intact. The rug should be clean of any dirt.

PostHeaderIcon How to maintain a pool at home

maintain a poolIf you have a pool at your place, then there are a few things which you must keep o mind in order to keep your pool clean, well maintained and functional. Keeping your pool clean should be your priority because health comes first. Keep the pool covered when not in sue and use a net or wire mesh at night and in autumn seasons.

Use a cleanser and bleach while cleaning it. Clean the pool by draining the water every month. If you can devote some extra time, you can hand pick insects and leaves and debris off the pool with a pool handy net too. You can also hire a professional pool cleaner for the job. Have the vacuum pump and suction pump cleaned every 6 months. Change the water every month after use. The water should also be changed if it rains way too often in your area.

PostHeaderIcon Tips on hiring a good contractor for your home renovation

home renovationIf you are looking for some for rework in your home then you might need some professional contractor to construct the extra construction that you want in your home. But before hiring you need to make sure that you are hiring the best one to finish your job successfully. Here are some tips that would definitely help you in hiring a contractor for your home.

  • First make sure that the contractor has enough experience of work that you are opting for. You can check his catalogue of work done previously.
  • It also suggested that you can personally visit the place where the contractor has worked previously. By this you can check his finishing and total work done.
  • You can even ask for some people’s contact where you can talk to the people where he has worked previously.

In this way you can hire yourself a good contractor that will help you in the construction you need in your home.