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green roofThere are many roofing method which are available in the market and also developed its bench mark in construction field. Metal roofing, slate roofing, asphalt roofing, wood roofing, etc but amongst all the vegetation surface roofing is only one, Green roofing. Green roofing is environment friendly in nature. This method of roofing is widely accepted by the people because people have started to be eco friendly and very conscious about protecting nature. Not only on small houses but on big building, hotels this concept have risen their roots. It is very popular concept in US. This roof is completely covered with green vegetation and grasses which gives cooling effect to the building or house where it is prepared.

The structure of constructing green roof is different as that of other roofs. The top surface of the building is first finely covered with roof flashing and the green vegetation is placed. This flashing helps the building from any water leakage or drainage problems. Not only that but small plants can also be grown on the edges of the roof for giving a pleasing effect to the roof. Green roof gives the equal satisfaction as that of other methods give. Installation cost of green roof is more as compared to that of other roofing methods. Green roof also supplies with different elements such as you can place small plants, beautiful landscapes which give an aesthetic look to the roof constructed

There are many advantages of green roof. They are useful in absorbing the rain water, it gives a balancing effect of temperature and cooler atmosphere. As the top most portion of the building or the house if covered with greenery there are more are chances of heat consumption and is useful in giving a cooling effect to the building where it is constructed. Not only the greenery but artificial technology is also used for building the green roofs. Artificial grass and flowers and plants are placed and prepared. Green roofs are also known as eco roofs, live roofs, etc.

It also consist of natural habitat. It is useful in filtering polluted air and consuming carbon dioxide and providing pure oxygen. Many things must be considered before hiring the roofing contractor for installing green roofs for your home or building because experienced roofer will have a perfect idea about the pros and cons of the roofing structure. By deciding the construction of the building, the roofing contractor decides it outlet and execute the construction as planned.

This roof is considered as the living land. It has great insulating element and it is useful for controlling the atmosphere around the building where it is constructed. Green roofing have a longer durable period. Its maintenance cost is more because it contains natural ingredients in it. They are costly and not easy to install. It involves more cost as compared to that of other methods of roofing. Constructing a green roof can be more challenging. Green roofing is the new concept which is increasing its stay fastly.