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ways to organize your kitchen

Tips to organize your kitchen

Organizing your kitchen is not a big rocket science but of course where to start from can be a big rocket science especially for those who are new and not use to this. Kitchen is one of the most used are in your home and seeing it cluttered all the time is definitely not a good thing. Having a cluttered kitchen will also not let you cook in peace as you will be troubling finding the entire kitchen appliance from here and there. If you kitchen is extremely cluttered then organizing your kitchen is not an option in fact it’s a necessity. Here are some of the essential tips which will help you in organizing your kitchen and keeping it that way.

  • Make your kitchen decluttered

Organizing your kitchen and making it decluttered is very different from other rooms. Kitchen generally use very different kind of clutter, it will have useless knife sets, ice cream makers which you never use, wedding registry things, all those gadgets which you bought from TV commercials but are of no use and such other things. Analyze your kitchen and find out all such useless items. Getting rid of all such big items from your kitchen will get you much added space to organize that stuff which is actually needed. Check out your fridge and remove all those things which are expired or stale. Also check out the junk food filled pantry and take a look at the freezer. Ensure to use the items stored in freezer twice in a year and take out those things which are there since decades and you are no longer going to use.

  • Use back space of cabinet doors

The space which is there inside your cabinet doors is kind of wasted space. Instead of keeping that surface blank, try and organize your spoons and measuring cups over there. Try and store the pot covers on the back side by installing the inexpensive hooks over there. You can also consider installing a knife block on the back side of the door where it can hold the cutting boards on the doors and can put anything to the back for getting access easily.

  • Store your food properly in fridge

It’s not just about keeping the food in and out of your fridge. There are some specific spots allotted for organizing specific items. Say for example dairy items should be placed on the upper shelf of the fridge where there is constant temperature whereas the metal should be placed in the bottom part of the fridge where there is highest temperature and any leaks from other food would not be able to contaminate other food in the fridge.  You can also organize your stuff in food on the basis of first in and first out. Those things which you are not going to use on frequent basis should be placed at last whereas those things which are going to be used on daily basis should be placed first.