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PostHeaderIcon Make your bathroom a safe place for family member

bathroom maintenance, bathroomBathroom has evolved over time; it is the most important room in a household. As it always remains wet we must ensure the safety level which is over looked in most of the cases. These room often becomes hazardous can lead to severe injuries especially the elderly residents. Hence here are few instructions on how you can increase the safety level of our bathroom.

You should have prior knowledge about the flooring of the bathroom it should never be too slippery and at the same time one must opt for light shaded tiles. Linoleum tiles are the best option for such cases because these tiles are water resistant. We should not keep water absorbent rugs while bathing because it increases the chances of tripping and sliding. Bath lift are the another necessary stuff for elderly people it helps them easily into and out of the tub. Grab bars should be installed on durable walls for extra protection. Bathroom is very sensitive room and we should take every necessary step to ensure the safety of our loved ones.

PostHeaderIcon Different shape of your bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirror, bathroom decorMirrors are the most regularly seen stuff in the household. There are plenty of styles, shapes and trends in the market. Before installing a mirror in the bathroom confirm your own requirements. If you need a mirror for shaving purpose, then get a moderate size mirror and place it over the sink. Sometime the mirrors are fixed in the bathroom storage cabinet. In that case the shape depends upon the cabinet’s profile.

You can also go for the oval shaped mirrors, they look extremely superior. If you are seeking for the mirror that you will place on entire wall, then it must be of rectangular size. It creates the illusion of having a more spacious bathroom. The mirror also reflects the lights and make the room looks gleaming. The shape of the mirror is always important as it complements the rest of the element in the room.

PostHeaderIcon Adding a coastal touch to your bathroom

Bathroom decor , bathroomThe bathroom is one of the most important places in the house. In most cases, bathroom is the place that is mostly overlooked when it comes to home décor. How the bathroom is decorated speaks a lot about the personal taste of the homeowner.

One of the best ideas top go with when you are trying to come up with a theme is a coastal ambience. A costal atmosphere can be brought by incorporating cool colors like blue, white and yellow. You can also decorate the bathroom with plants to get the fresh feel of coastal climate. The shower curtains should have implementations of the costal designs so that you get a genuine feel of the costal spots. You can get new area rugs for your bathroom with the costal design. Vinyl tiles with textures emulating sand will be a perfect idea for getting a coastal look for the bathroom.

PostHeaderIcon How to design you dream bathroom

Bathroom decor, bathroomBathroom is one of the most important places in the house but in most cases, it is the most overlooked one when it comes to home décor. The way a bathroom is decorated, speaks a lot about the taste of the owner. There are a few things to consider when you are trying to do the décor of the bathroom. It is important that you choose the right colors for the walls of the bathroom.

The colors will depend on your choice but they have to catch the shower curtains and the cabinets that you must install. The bathroom flooring is also very important. There are a lot of choices when it comes to the flooring materials and you can choose one among the huge range of options. The tap sand the sinks are very important as well. A common choice for the taps is stainless steel but you can also go for the brass ones. Granite and quartz are good options for the sinks but acrylic is popular as well.

PostHeaderIcon Heated towel rails

Heated towel rails, bathroom appliancesDo you want to know about the best ever heated towel rails? Well then go through this article carefully and get more details about them. These are great bathroom appliances that not only make your towels hot but also create a warm atmosphere in your washroom, making it bacteria and moist free.
If you purchase the dual fuel towel rails then it will work as a central heating device because these heated towel rails work as radiators. If you power them with natural gases, they can get really warm and help you keep your room warm.

There are a number of finishes for towel rails and some of them are white, chrome and gold, though these customizations could be of various types and steel, brass towel rails are also available in the market. Nickel and copper heated towel rails are being manufactured some companies. Decide the size of a towel rail based on the size of your bathroom.

PostHeaderIcon Ways to keep mold and mildew away from your bathroom

Bathrooms are the one place which you would want to be sparkling clean at all times as it a place where you come to get clean and fresh yourself. So a stingy bathroom with growing molds would seriously spoil your mood. They make a bathroom dirty and leave behind stains. So here are some tips to keep your bathroom free of molds and mildew.

Make sure your bathroom is well circulated. A closed room will be a growing habitat for molds. Invest in a bathroom fan and keep your bathroom clean and dry at all times. Make sure to mop off any leftover water on floors and walls. If your basin or toilet leaks, fix it immediately. Clean and unclog your drain at least twice a week. You can use bleach as a cleaning agent-they do not let any microbe thrive. When you paint your bathroom you can always ask for mildew resistant paint designed especially for moist areas. Use these trips and your bathroom will be clean and welcoming all the time.

PostHeaderIcon Glass mosaic tiles: a fantastic pick for your bathroom

The origin of mosaic designing concept comes down from the Roman Empire. Bright colored portions were used for various parts of homes and temples during that time. Using mosaic in some or the other part of the home has become a trend these days. People usually go for their kitchen and bathroom areas to use mosaic for designing. Glass mosaic tiles do look very enchanting when used in the bathroom. Places like the floor, walls, shower and backsplash of the sink can have glass mosaic tiles to enhance and give a rich look to your bathroom.

Those who love colors and try to experiment with them will love the idea of mosaic tiles, especially in glass as it looks really wonderful. The shower enclosure is the one place in the bathroom where mosaic glass tile will look excellent. Floors and walls are very common areas to get the glass mosaic done.

PostHeaderIcon Waterproof wall paints for your bathroom

Nowadays waterproof wall paints are widely used to paint the walls of the areas which are prone to dampness. Walls of places like storeroom, basement, bathroom, etc. get easily affected by moisture and get damped. To safeguard them, waterproof paints are very useful.

People love to color each and every corner of their house with beautiful bright colors; bathroom is one of them. Moisture is like a twenty four hour companion to the bathroom so it’s necessary to take precautions for dampness. Waterproof wall paints not only prevent the walls of the bathroom from dampness but also give it a glossy and elegant look.

Bathrooms are just not a place for utility purpose but it also can affect a person’s mood when he/she comes back home after a trying day at work. To provide a comfortable and relaxed experience, these waterproof wall paints do play a role. Waterproof wall painting is quite affordable too.

PostHeaderIcon Some unconventional bathroom furniture ideas

Are you tired of the done to death white porcelain bathroom furniture that used to be a part of literally every household? Well it is quite natural to be so. In case you are planning to think out of the box, there are some great ideas that we have to share with you.

There are a lot of unconventional things and materials that could be used for the bathroom furniture. You would just have to use your creativity. A very common yard sale leftover is the cupboards that you generally associate with the bedrooms. Well, you can creatively use it for your bathroom, where you can store all the extra towels and vanity requirements.

Metal desk is something that you would probably never associate with your bathroom. But here we are suggesting just that. These would be a great addition to the bathroom. Another bathroom furniture idea is wood. These days a lot of people are using wood to add on a classy look to the bathroom.

PostHeaderIcon Bathroom- an important part of your home

Your wash room is one of the most integral zones of your household. After a tough day’s work we always look forward to our bathroom where we can relax under a hot shower. Moreover, bathrooms ususally come with a lavatory and sink along with your bathtub. Hence, it is a place where you can flush out all the harmful toxic substances from your body, necessary to keep yourself hale and hearty. Besides, most of your washing activities take place in the bathroom itself.

And since it is such an important point, proper care should be taken to keep it fresh and hygienic. A messy shower room is the breeding ground for germs which is dangerous for your health. Thus, always concentrate on effective ventilation, at least arrange for a dehumidifier to make it mold-free.

Besides, a little bit of decoration would make your bathplace more inviting. Back it up with proper cabinets to store all your essential toiletries.