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PostHeaderIcon Installing Sliding Glad Shower Doors

Provided that you have all the essential tools for the work, installing sliding glad shower doors is not something hard that you will have to look for an expert. One of the first things that you will have to do is to familiarize yourself with the installation process and the things that are required to install your sliding glad shower doors. This is because each installation process depends on each other in order for the whole process of installation to e complete.

The first step in installing sliding glass shower doors is to take measurements so that you get everything right. This involves taking measurements of everything that forms the door. In addition, you have to know the different types of sliding doors such as the customized ones. Once you take all the measurements, the next step is to install the base track of the shower. You have to make sure that you install the top track appropriately.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing the Right Bathroom Furniture for Storage

Since you cannot be able to change the size of your bathroom, you can change the type of furniture that you install in it. If your bathroom is small, you can learn how to arrange the furniture so that you have more space that all the furniture will fit. One of the ways to add space to your bathroom is to minimize the size of the furniture that you install in the bathroom. You have to think of eliminating the tub and install a shower and it is one way of making your bathroom to look larger. Choosing a shower that has a sliding door and hangers on the outside can provide an elegant look and is a way of having the bathroom look bigger.

Another way to save space is the compact toilets and choosing space saving sinks. Having a bathroom that looks congested is not pleasant to the eyes.

PostHeaderIcon Cool Kids Bathroom Design

Kids love to be in water. If they like it, their bathroom can be their favourite place at home. Use a lot of blue and white while planning your kid’s bathroom. You need not have a very large bathroom. If you choose to have a bath tub it should be of a safe size. Make sure it is not too big for your child and not too small either. Have mirrors in fancy shapes.

Avoid monotony and do not use materials which are too plain. Have colourful tiles. Choose appropriate flooring and ensure that it is not slippery at all as kids are very prone to get injured in the bathroom. Have a shelf in an interesting design which is enough for all the toiletries and such things. The taps and the showers should be easy to use and should be easily accessible. Position sockets and switches at a safe height.

PostHeaderIcon Have an Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover with Accessories

Bathrooms are difficult to be given a makeover as there is not much you can change because the water fittings generally cannot be altered. Besides, other parts of the bathroom like the tub, wash basin; etc cannot be moved or repositioned.

It is also difficult as well as expensive to change the same. So it is advisable and economic that the bathroom makeover be done with the help of accessories. You can choose from a host of accessories like taps, mirrors, showers, tiles, lights, curtains, etc. These days there are so many types of taps and shower options available that you can choose anyone that matches your style and budget. Mirrors and tiles are another area which can alter the look of your bathroom in a huge way and are inexpensive at the same time.
Besides these, you can make some changes, in the bathroom curtains, windows and ventilator glass and add a touch of art.