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PostHeaderIcon Summer colors for your living room

Summer colors for living room, living roomEverybody wants his or her home to be comfortable and soothing during the harsh summer days. Some days of summer could be unbearably hot and it is not possible to step outside the house. In this situation, your house should soothing and comforting for you as well as your guests. Therefore, it is important that you paint your house with colors that are light and soothing. These colors will not only be nice to see but they will also cool down the temperature.

The colors of the house should like white yellow, pink or blue. These are the shades that are ideal for the summer time. These colors are light and so they can reflect a lot of light as well. This will make your room appear radiant and bright. You can also go for colors like green, as it is another soothing shade. Avoid darker shades as they may not be very comfortable during summer.

PostHeaderIcon How to keep your whites walls white

Do you love white walls? Well, certainly, white walls are perfect to bring a classy tone to your lovely apartment. But in case, you are planning for a white paint, here are certain tips to keep it in its original purity.

White walls demand a proper selection of paint and regular maintenance and cleaning. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Firstly, white paints are a strict no for your kids’ rooms. Every kid loves to scribble their names or outline their imaginations on the walls. And a white one would be a perfect canvas. Thus, try it in your bedroom or drawing rooms.

Then, make sure to get a washable paint so that even if your walls get certain stains on them, you can easily wipe it off instantly. And finally, regular dusting is equally essential to free it from any sign of cobwebs or loose dust.

PostHeaderIcon Paintings for your living room

Want to redefine your living room? Add a splash of different hues in your living space and make it look interesting. Painting your living room is the easiest and the best way to give it a different look. And here are some painting ideas that you can use in your living space.

Creative painting ideas do not necessarily mean something outrageous.  If you want to paint your living room in a particular color, you can try using two shades of the same color. For example, if you want to use green, you can incorporate both light green and dark green. However try to stay away for hues that “clash” with each other.

You can go in for faux finishes while painting your living room. The best way to get the desired look is using different tones of a particular color. This will create depth and make the walls interesting. If you want a rich look opt for leather faux paint.

PostHeaderIcon Wall papers and colors for the classrooms/ study rooms

Study room demands peace and quiet and therefore while you convert the extra bedroom in your house into a study room there are quite a few things that you need to keep in mind. You should have plenty of book shelves in the room with comfortable furniture and tranquil paint colors.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate color for a study room or a classroom you need to understand that it’s a bit tricky. You need colors that are calm and at the same time stimulating. Blue and green are the most popular choices for classroom colors. For senior students you can opt for blue or green with charcoal accent. However you kids’ classrooms and study rooms you can opt for some primary bright colors like yellow or red.

If you want to use wallpapers to decorate the study room, stick to minimal pattern. Opt for a wall paper that is in keeping with the designated color scheme of the room.

PostHeaderIcon Colors and patterns of room curtains to use in winter

Gone are the days for standard curtains in the bedroom or living room. It is essential to get curtains that properly protect the room from the strong sun as well as insulate the house. Such curtains are not as expensive as they are thought to be.

The insulated curtains are available in all possible color options you want. It is advisable to use curtains that match the décor of the room. Preferred colors are blue green or something on the lighter shade. Don’t go for too loud colors. As for the pattern, stripes are in fashion, you could also match the pattern with the furnishing.

The best advantage of insulated curtains is that they have an insulated lining at its back which is directly facing the window. While windows are closed, they appear like standard curtains and when open they insulate the room without the lining being show.

PostHeaderIcon Is it possible to paint over wallpapers?

Interior decorating your room is quite a task and requires careful attention and taste. When it comes to interiors, wallpapers play a major role in it. One should however be very careful in selecting the wallpaper as it remains for quite a number of years and can only go with certain colors. If you repaint your rooms with some new color, the existing wallpaper might not match it well.

However, these days, the wallpapers in the market are quite innovative and can be receptive to paints. One can go berserk and be creative to give the wallpapers a new look. It’s like a massive canvas in your room, where you can project your own imagination. Alternatively, you can use the wallpaper as it is for the first few years and later paint it over to bring out a new design and ambience all together. Wallpapers are a worthy investment in today’s world.

PostHeaderIcon Island color theme for your bedroom

A bedroom is a place you come back to from your busy day. It provides you with a chance to take a break and relax. This area is one of the most personal areas in your homes. To make it an effective retreat, most people add themes to their bedrooms. In case you are an island person, it would be a great idea to add an island theme to your bedroom.

Now how do you add an island theme to your bedroom? For that you will have to add on the shades of colors that are associated with an island. Blue, green, yellow are some of the common island shades. It must be taken care that all other furniture and accessories in the room compliment the shade. You could choose between wallpapers or paints.

In case you are going for wallpaper choose a poster with the image of a coast for the room. If you go for paints you could choose aquamarine shades like blue or sea green for the walls. A sandy yellow bedspread adds to the appeal.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to paint your garage floor

Painting the floor of your garage will make it look great and brand new. When it comes to garage floor painting opt for Epoxy paint as it will resist staining and will shed the dirt and the water easily. This will make cleaning the floor a whole lot easier. Here are a few tips that will come in handy when you paint your garage floor.

First, proper preparation is important before you start painting. Don’t just sweep the floor but take everything off it and scrub it well. Use plastic sheeting to protect the walls. If there are any cracks or holes on the wall make sure that you patch it well.

Second, follow the directions on the kit and mix your paint and epoxy. Use a 4 inch paintbrush to paint the borders first. To paint the rest of the area use a paint roller. If you want to apply color flakes do it while the paint is wet. Wait for a day before applying the second coat. Next, follow the directions and add the topcoat

PostHeaderIcon Fun Painting Techniques

One can never have the slightest of idea of the various ways in which a house can be decorated and painted. A pro home painter can give a mesmerizing look to your house turning the patches into glossy wall paintings and repairing the your broken down roof and giving it a whole new look.

There are several painting techniques that are being followed by the professional painters. One of the prime ideas is faux painting that has some realistic image from the real life painted all across the wall giving it a life like look. Again, accent wall painting is another fun painting technique where different sides of the walls are painted with different colors, which are vibrant and bold and are not normally used while painting a house.

Some painters who are quite bold and straightforward with their approach to painting go for designing textures and patterns on walls along with normal painting with colors. These texture and patterns add some extra beauty to the over all painting. Any professional painter can do the task for an extra payment of around $40 to $50. These are some of the best known fun painting techniques available.

PostHeaderIcon Wave Wall Texture in Plaster and Paint

If you want to improve the look of some plain walls in your house, you should consider using wave wall texture. Wave wall textures normally look very good on plaster as well as painted walls. These wave wall texture designs come in different styles which are meant for different types of walls. You can create your own wave wall texture using plaster or paint.

When creating wave walls using plaster, it is important to make sure that your mixture is in the right proportions. Do not apply too much plaster as doing so will make your texture look untidy. You should also ensure that your layer of plaster is not too thick so that you do not have to struggle while painting over it. When using paint, you should ensure that you pick the right colors to achieve the kind of wave effect that will look good in your room.