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PostHeaderIcon Illuminate optimally your house: The energy efficient way

The best eco-friendly ways to illuminate your house are discussed here. You can get eco-friendly landscaping lights to illuminate your house by saving a lot of energy. Low voltage lighting like 12 watt bulbs are always very efficient in lighting up your rooms and let people notice the beauty of the rooms. Such lights come in all shapes & sizes too. There can be lights which can be kept at strategic places which will endow the beauty of the place. Also it will catch the attention of guests and make the house look more beautiful in their eyes.

These lights come very cheap and also last longer. The illumination provided is enough to light up the whole space and also consumes less energy thus making this whole solution eco-friendly and energy efficient. You can visit your nearest electric hardware shop to get such zero power low voltage bulbs and illuminate your house.

PostHeaderIcon Light your way to a lustrous drawing room

Drawing room is the centre of activity in most houses. Watching television, playing games, working, chatting, partying are common activities that are performed in this room. The combination of these numerous activities calls for proper lighting facilities that not only serves the purpose but also creates an ambience. A lustrous drawing room is a wish for most home owners and there are many ways to attain it.

Managing the flow of natural light is very important. The idea is to make the room warmth but not over exposing the room to heat. For this proper curtains come to rescue. For artificial lighting, different lamp shades, lighting structures are available. The point to remember is that there is sufficient lighting for every corner of the room yet it can be controlled. Dimming the light for some sections or using focus lights to highlight objects and painting enhances the aesthetic feeling of the room. Instead of chandeliers, use modern lighting system to highlight small rooms looks more pleasant.

PostHeaderIcon Using lamps for a decorating your living area

Although a brand new décor gets rid of a room’s monotony, but it might also be quite a pinch in the pocket. Here in comes the importance of lighting. Just the right lamps and lamp shades can drastically change the appearance your room by giving it just the amount of glamour it needs. Be it giving your living room that jazzed up glam décor, or that subtle elegance, the perfect lighting does the trick very well.

Varieties of lighting fixtures are available with much ease both online and in regular shops. Pick the one that complements your décor most and add to the glam quotient of your living room. Table and floor lamps work very well if you want to add that something extra glamorous. Besides providing perfect illumination for your room, they also add a dash of style to the room’s décor.

Now, task lighting is another major factor which needs a lot of attention from your behalf. Perfect for those leisure hours where you sit back and relax on you couch with your favorite book, task lighting gives you just the amount of lighting you need.

PostHeaderIcon Light shades for better lighting and elegant look

Everybody would want to decorate their house such that it’s appealing to the onlooker. Anything with light shades gives not only a spacious look to the house, but is also soothing. Start with light shade wall paints. Cool shades like green and light blue give a relaxation to the inmates. It soothes the eyes and moreover gives the house a bigger look. You should increase the functions of a room by always choosing the right shades, be it wall paints, lamps, wallpapers or upholstery.

You could give a warm look to your living room and a comforting feel to your bedroom with lighter shades. Blues give a rejuvenating, calm look to your rooms. While whites give a sedate and welcoming appeal. If pink is soft and feminine, then brown is more earthy. Choose these lighter shades of lamps, lights and curtains too to give you house that feminine touch.

PostHeaderIcon Change in light scheme for winter to make your house look cosier

Are you freezing in the winters? We have a solution. Just change the light scheme and your house will look cosier, this is the magic that the right colours can bring about.

You need to choose colours in accordance with the orientation of your room. Like for example, if your room is north facing, this will have cold light, therefore you need to choose colours which will allow you to make the most of this light, like whites, pale yellow, this will help your room look warmer and cosier. South facing rooms have plenty of warmer light and therefore use colours that are naturally cooler.

So you see how the right colour selection, in accordance to your orientation of the rooms can totally transform the feel of your house, you just need to select it rightly.

PostHeaderIcon Lighting for your garden

Since it is winter, it is dark for the maximum time. The nights are long and the days are short. Not many people are the kinds who love darkness as it can be very depressing and stressful. One idea to brighten up this season is to light up your garden.

You can do this in a variety of ways. Gone are the days when you used normal light posts in your garden. You should try being a little innovative. You can use various colored spot lights at different positions and highlight various parts in your garden. Make sure you never to use too many different colored lights. It will make your garden look like a Christmas tree.

You can light up the trees in your garden. It makes your garden look beautiful. You can use lanterns and candles. This way you can move them around and experiment much more with your garden. Always go for the gentle glow. It gives a soft touch to your house.

PostHeaderIcon Add warmth and cosiness with the perfect home lighting

You might not be aware of it, but a simple change in lighting is all what a room requires to beam in cosiness and warmth. Hence, while selecting the lighting fixtures for your home, do not hesitate to spend a wee bit extra to give you home that touch of long desired warmth.

Now, if a calm and soothing ambience for your home is what you prefer, then it is best to stick to dim lighting fixtures. Lampshades work best to enhance that feeling of calmness and serenity in any room. Pick something that complements your room’s décor and let the feeling of sophistication and warmth flow in. Now, while lighting up spaces such as studies and kitchen, make sure that the lighting is sufficient enough to work conveniently.

Coming back to the living room, if you have a fetish for antique lamps, then they can be quite artistically used to adorn a room, hence enhancing its appearance. So, go ahead and make your home warm and welcoming like never before with just the perfect lighting.

PostHeaderIcon Ways to achieve natural lighting for your home

Lighting design is an integral part of home décor and a lot of people solely depend on electrical sources of lighting for the same. However lighting your house with natural lighting is not only eco-friendly but is also a lot healthier. There are a few ways in which you can increase the seeping of natural light in your house.

Firstly, make sure that all the entryways in your house, from where light can enter are not blocked. Whenever possible pull up the curtains, blinds and shades. Make sure that your furniture does not block the way of the light. Secondly, clean the translucent surfaces of your home regularly. Do it thrice a week using a mixture of water and white vinegar.

Try to install mirror surfaces in your house. The sunlight will bounce off the mirror surface and spread in the rooms. Hanging crystal beads will also have the same effect.

PostHeaderIcon Art Deco Table Lamps

Often when you enter a house and find a work desk you would rather find yourself gazing at some of the table lamp varieties so sophisticatedly designed and thought of. An art deco table lamp enhances and enriches the décor of the table and well matches the pompous get up of the entire room.

Some of the in trend varieties of art deco table lamps include Pair of French Art Deco Table Candelabras, Moderne Hand Carved Mahogany Table Lamps, French Art Deco Accent Table lamp, French Art Deco Adjustable Desk / Table Lamp, French Art Deco Tall Figural Female Statue / Table Lamp, Willy Rizzo Mid-Century Modern Table Lamps, French Belle Époque Era Grand Crystal Electrified Table Candelabras, Maison Charles Pineapple Table Lamp and other most exquisite choices to light up your home. It is only that you just have to choose one to compliment the kind of look you want your interior to have.

PostHeaderIcon Outdoor Hanging Lights

There are innumerable forms of outdoor hanging lights available in the market. You can indeed buy some to compliment that perfect venue at home. At summer time you would prefer arranging parties outside your home and for this you need to have outdoor lighting provisions. Lighting fixtures are not available outside the house. Thus, you cannot end the party early or ask your guests enter the house when the party is in the midway. The only solution to this would be to have outdoor hanging lights.

For this outdoor pendant lights are immensely suitable supporting enjoyable nighttime activities. These lights can illuminate the entire yard thus kindling the vibe of the night. Some other types of outdoor hanging light varieties include outdoor chandeliers, semi-flush ceiling light provisions and even mount light fixtures. Thus, outdoor hanging lights can be both decorative and can serve practical purposes as well. They are in fact great support to outdoor activities.