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PostHeaderIcon Vibrant kitchen sinks: Transform drudgery to rewarding experience

Kitchen is essentially a very important part of the house. When transforming the home décor is being considered, the kitchen cannot obviously be left out. A clean, sophisticated yet warm kitchen is an essential for all the houses. It is easy to choose the color scheme as per one preference and appliances and accessories as per the requirement and comfort; the sinks need not be boring. People can now step out of the concept of traditional sinks and think of new versions.

Sinks are now available in many colours and materials. While some still prefer stainless steel sinks because of its workability, others may prefer ceramic sinks or stone sinks. Further sinks are of different colours, sizes, patterns and even shapes. People can get their sinks custom made to fit their kitchen spaces at affordable prices. To further jazz up the cleaning area of the kitchen, usage of sink tiles and modern water faucets or taps are very common. These are available in various style and colours and add to the aesthetic factor of the kitchen.

PostHeaderIcon Assorted Persian rugs to make your floor come alive

A proper home décor makes a room more inviting and comfortable for both its dwellers and visitors. Rugs have an important place amongst all the things that can help in decorating the room. The huge variety in colours, textures, quality and its durability makes it one of its kinds. Rugs can be made up of various materials namely wool, cotton, plant fibres, silk, acrylic and olefin.

Among the numerous varieties of rugs available in the market, Persian rugs stand out. They have been in use since ancient times and the kind of appeal they have on the home décor is unmatched. They have more intrinsic designs and each of them have a different story to tell. The designs and makes reflect artistry of its manufacturers and represent traditions. There are different kinds of Persian rugs available in the market such as Qum, Nain, Tabriz, Baluch, Caucasian, Kashan, Hereke, and many more. Each has a typical specialty and come from a different province. Whenever selecting a rug, look for its colours, and patterns that would increase the home glamour and also consider its maintenance.

PostHeaderIcon Snazzy add-ons to spice up home décor

Home is special for all who live in it. So the decoration of the home too should be such that it increases the comfort level of those persons. Whenever someone is thinking up of a decorating their home, the presence of natural light and ventilation plays an important part. Apart from that, home décor can be of any style as per the preferences. It can be contemporary, modern, minimalistic, classical, vintage, and even can be based upon particular themes and colours schemes.

Anyone who is looking for things that would add on to their home décor must keep in mind the style or the look they would like to see. Usage of colours on walls, furniture, accessories and linens play an important role in improving the appearance of the room. People who are looking for cost effective way can re paint their stuff while people who are willing to indulge themselves have no limits. Adding a rug or furniture or a vase or a painting can uplift the room with minimum effort.

PostHeaderIcon Wall decorations for attic bedrooms

An attic room is little different from other rooms with its sloped roof, dormers, odd places. Also, the room does not get much sunlight because of its odd and unusual pattern. Thus you have to be very careful while decorating the walls of an attic bedroom.

As the room is already dark, putting too much of dark shades, would make the room gloomy. You can use the light warm shades like beige, pink or yellow for painting the walls. It will make the room look more spacious and inviting. You can hang some small artworks, mirrors or photographs if not anything. Mini candle stands would give it a rustic look. But be careful, too much of wall décor would make the room crowded.

Otherwise, you can stick colorful wallpapers with vertical stripes. It will make the ceiling and walls look taller. Do not use any wall décor if you have wallpapers.

PostHeaderIcon Wardrobe designs for your dressing room

Wardrobes are very essential for a dressing room. You get a whole closet for your clothes and accessories. They are found in different styles and different materials. Among the wooden ones, oak wardrobes are very durable.

You can go for fully fitted wardrobes. They are space saving and can be fixed anywhere, sloping ceilings, in different awkward angles or uneven walls. But the process is little expensive as you would require experts.

Sliding wardrobes are very common. They come with a sliding door made of glass or wood. The mirror sliding doors are very popular since they serve the dual purpose of storing and also provide a mirror for your dressing room too. The sliding wardrobes look trendy and are very easy to install. The plastic ones come in a variety of colors. Get free standing wardrobes if you have to shift frequently.

While buying a wardrobe, it is important to consider its storage capacity.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to update home interiors

Do you envy your neighbors brand new furnished apartment? And are you tired of living in the same old monotonous décor? Here is a list of home decorating tips after which you will stop complaining.

Ensure that all electrical fitting and wirings are intact; remove all old chipped paint from the walls and the furniture’s. Redecorate the house with a new coat of paint that will magically transform the old drab house into a living castle. Use bright colors and modern texture to brighten up the walls.

Replace old furnishings like cushion covers and bed sheets with funky new bright fabrics and revamp the furniture’s with new upholstery. Accessories make a big difference, too many makes the room look cluttered whereas too little makes it look dull old and boring. Strike the right balance.

Re-polish the kitchen cabinets to make it look brand new. Hang bright colored cutleries on the wall to cheer up the kitchen. Gardening cannot be neglected, cut your grass once in 6-8 days.

PostHeaderIcon Decorating your room in black and white

One of the latest decorating trends that have hit the market is following a black and white color scheme in a room. If you have been planning to redo a particular room and do not mind this color combination, follow these simple tips to get an eye grabbing interior in no time at all. However, it is best that you experiment with this color scheme in your living or drawing room and not bedroom as the latter looks best in warm color tones.

You can either get black and white texture paint on the accent wall in the room or simply get wallpaper for the same. You can choose a dramatic look or opt for a symphony between the two shades while selecting a wall paper. Follow the same color palette throughout the room by getting upholstery in black and white. Floor rugs with geometric patterns in white and black also look good. To accessorize, you can get chinaware in black and white.

PostHeaderIcon Fun Painting Techniques

One can never have the slightest of idea of the various ways in which a house can be decorated and painted. A pro home painter can give a mesmerizing look to your house turning the patches into glossy wall paintings and repairing the your broken down roof and giving it a whole new look.

There are several painting techniques that are being followed by the professional painters. One of the prime ideas is faux painting that has some realistic image from the real life painted all across the wall giving it a life like look. Again, accent wall painting is another fun painting technique where different sides of the walls are painted with different colors, which are vibrant and bold and are not normally used while painting a house.

Some painters who are quite bold and straightforward with their approach to painting go for designing textures and patterns on walls along with normal painting with colors. These texture and patterns add some extra beauty to the over all painting. Any professional painter can do the task for an extra payment of around $40 to $50. These are some of the best known fun painting techniques available.

PostHeaderIcon Textured walls – what is so special about them?

Painting walls is no more only about applying a shade of single colour to all the rooms of your house. Creativity and aesthetic sense has taken this domain too far and now is the time of wall texturing. In this phenomenon a wall is painted in such a way so as to give it different effects and looks like that of a sea shore or a rocky terrain or an endless sky.

This technique makes your room livelier and you feel vibrant and rejuvenated all day long. One can give amazing 3-D effects using texturing and can make his/her room come alive. Wall texturing also helps you to decorate your home in the manner you want it to be. If ou are a sea lover and want to have that blue experience then you can get your walls textured as sea interiors. So whenever you will come back home from work, there will be your own sea to welcome you.

PostHeaderIcon Art Deco Table Lamps

Often when you enter a house and find a work desk you would rather find yourself gazing at some of the table lamp varieties so sophisticatedly designed and thought of. An art deco table lamp enhances and enriches the décor of the table and well matches the pompous get up of the entire room.

Some of the in trend varieties of art deco table lamps include Pair of French Art Deco Table Candelabras, Moderne Hand Carved Mahogany Table Lamps, French Art Deco Accent Table lamp, French Art Deco Adjustable Desk / Table Lamp, French Art Deco Tall Figural Female Statue / Table Lamp, Willy Rizzo Mid-Century Modern Table Lamps, French Belle Époque Era Grand Crystal Electrified Table Candelabras, Maison Charles Pineapple Table Lamp and other most exquisite choices to light up your home. It is only that you just have to choose one to compliment the kind of look you want your interior to have.