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PostHeaderIcon The best cupboards for your dressing room

A dressing room closet is a fantastic way of adding a touch of glamour to your home. Adorned with luxury and dripping with class, a dressing room can be the best place in the house for any girl. Now, to keep you dressing room well organised and clutter free, lots of stylish cupboards are available in the market. These besides giving your dressing room an organised appeal will also add the requisite touch of aesthetics and glamour to the décor.

Now, the way you want to adorn your dressing room, completely depends on your personality and likes. If you have a modern home, go for the contemporary cupboards in sleek designs. These are spacious and elegant and will work out perfectly for your modern home. Now if you want to add a touch of tradition then you can pick the vintage styled cupboards which you can even get custom made. Pick the one that you prefer and give your dressing room that much organised and sophisticated appearance.

PostHeaderIcon Things to include in your lawn

If you are thinking of easy ways to maintain your lawn and make it more beautiful then these tips might help you a bit. Invest in a good lawn mower. No one wants weeds to grow in a lawn.

Trim the grass in time and keep them fresh and free of weed. Keeping a lawn green and fresh needs a lot of hard work so commit yourself to it. Provide your grass area with the nutrients it needs. Do not go for harsh chemicals as gradually it will spoil the quality of grass. Now, if you are into growing vegetables you can grow them in a small nursery somewhere in your lawn. Take some gardening classes before you do something like that. Also you need to make sure that the lawn and garden is protected from small kids, pets and pests. So make sure you take all sorts of security measures before taking the plunge.

PostHeaderIcon Best attic makeover ideas

Usually attics have been used as a area of storage in many cases. But with the development of innovative architectural ideas, there is a lot more you can do with your attic space these days. Let us see about a few of those ideas.

If you have a teen in your house, you will have to give him/her privacy. Since the attics are completely isolated from your house, you can use that space to make a teen lounge. You can place cool wallpapers and bean bags in there. You can make a special place where you teen can play games, take their friends and have a life of their own.

But certain attics can be shorter and you could hit your hit if you try to jump even a little bit. So make sure that you alter those types of attics before you do anything there. You can also make a reading place in your attic by placing a book shelf, reading lights and a desk.

PostHeaderIcon Designing tepees

The Native Americans from Great Plains popularized a conical tent traditionally made from animal skins or birch bark, it is known as Tepee. A Tepee is very durable and provides warmth and comfort during winters. Fifteen by 30 feet big Tepees are of good size and durable. Tepees less than this height can be very dangerous as it becomes difficult for them to keep free from smoke.

Ancient Americans used to design their tepees very skillfully and very accurately. Every design of theirs had a specific meaning. They don’t used to paint their Tepees. They were painted only during wars. These paintings were often portrayals of animal design and celestial bodies. Tepees were also decorated by using pendants and medallions which were colored. Tufts of buffalo, horse hair, blear claws, buckskin, etc were also used to decorate the Tepees. Many people also used to paint on their tepees their memories of war and hunting. Some would also paint their dream or quest.

PostHeaderIcon Deft placement of thematic murals

The latest trend among the youngsters is adding a tattoo to your body part. This fashion is spreading like a wildfire. Not only youngsters but also people of all ages are tattooing their body parts which they can relate to. For example many people draw tattoos displaying the name of their sons, daughters, parents, lovers, etc.

Placing a tattoo on any of the body parts can be very painful. Therefore there comes the need of skillful tattoo makers who can draw the tattoo with minimum pain as quickly as possible. These tattoo makers are really experienced and skilled as they have to draw a tattoo on many sensitive parts on human body. One of the most common jobs for them is embedding a tattoo of someone very precious on the heart region and forehand region. Many people also embed various signs like the Christ sign, love sign, etc.