PostHeaderIcon Crystal Ball for the Bath

Crystal balls make you feel fresh and let you enjoy that tranquility while having a bath. A crystal ball is a sort of filter which helps in de-chlorinating the water which you use for taking bath. When you take a bath your body absorbs chlorine which enters the blood stream by means of water vapor inhalation. With the help of a crystal ball at least 90 percent of the chlorine content can be removed from the water and this makes the water much healthier for taking a bath.

Exclusion of chlorine from the water saves your skin and hair from becoming extremely dry. Thus there is no more of that itchy feeling. A crystal ball filtration process gifts you with a younger looking skin. This is the most scientific and healthier way of taking a bath. A crystal ball filter comes with locking tabs and thus it can be easily attached to your bath tub for a safe and healthy shower.

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