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install travertine wall tiles, wall tilesIt just needs a bit of patience and the right set of tools to install travertine tiles on the walls of your bathroom or kitchen. These natural stonetiles are part of the limestone family and comes in a variety of designs and colours. The outcome of the self installation would be self- impressive and deduction of costing and labour time.

First thing first, sets of tool required:

Notch trovel, tape measure, thin set pre-mixed mortar, 1 by 2 lumber, framing square, tile spacers, cement board, drill, grout, sealer, grout float, wet tile saw, towel, bucket, water and pencil.

Steps to be followed:


  • If the wall is of concrete, clean it and if of wood or other material, then fix the cement board with screws using the drill. This provides a better and strong base.
  • Decide on the outline and wall designing. If the upper tiles are smaller than bottom ones, start placing the full sized tiles from below moving upward, and if the full set even then start from the middle.
  • For starting from the middle, mark the centre of the wall, top to bottom, with the measuring tape.  Screw the 1 by 2 lumber in the centre line. This will support the rows of tiles you would set.
  • The notch trovel be used to spread thin set of mortar on the wall where you would start and at the back of the tile. Take note that mortar mixture be thin as travertine tiles are absorptive in nature and might lead to decolourization.
  • Put the tile at the desired place and push it firmly against the wall. Use tile spacer and follow above steps for each tile. After completion remove the lumber and start from bottom for the lower half. Use thick grout mix with water and apply in the tile spaces.
  • Clean with towel for the polished look.
  • Apply sealer evenly into the wall.

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