PostHeaderIcon Eco-friendly wall paints for your house

Are you planning to paint your home? Well, the current trend is towards eco friendly painting materials. They come in various shades and are also beneficial for health.

The traditional paints emit some volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air which are harmful for the environment. These compounds lead to headaches, allergies, respiratory troubles and even cancer. Thus, an eco friendly paint is the one which emits few or no volatile organic compounds or VOCs in the air. It also must be free from acrylic softeners and oil. The eco friendly paints are more suitable for the interior walls than the exterior ones. It is because, in case of exterior walls, air can dilute the hazardous effects of the VOCs.

There are various brands which offer eco friendly paints. Some of them are BioShield Paint, Ecos Organic Paints, Earth Born Paints, Safecoat, YOLO Colorhouse, St. Astier Lime Paints. Be careful, and check the list of ingredients before buying the eco-friendly paints.

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