PostHeaderIcon Fireplace mantel ideas and tips

A fireplace mantel more often than not serves as the focal point of the room in which it is present. Hence, it becomes all the more important to pay special attention to decorating the same so that it adds to the visual appeal of the space. For those looking for fireplace mantel decorating ideas and tips, we have a few simple ones listed below. A classical decorating tip is placing some beautiful family pictures framed in exquisite sterling silver photo frames on the mantel.

You can even place silver candle holders on each side of the mantel to create a sense of symmetry with potpourri in the middle. Some homeowners like the idea of draping a tapestry over their fireplace and placing an ornate mirror on the mantel. You can even balance out several small souvenirs placed on one side of the mantel with a flamboyant vase placed on the other end.

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