PostHeaderIcon Granite kitchen countertops: How to keep them as good as new

Granite kitchen countertops, kitchen countertopsIt’s true that the granite kitchen countertop at your kitchen is an asset to you. So if you really want to maintain it and make it last for a long period of time then you should take up a few necessary steps. While granite counter tops for your kitchen you should make sure that they are properly sealed following the direction of the manufacturer.
Getting a few hot pads on your granite counter top is a wise idea as you are not supposed to put hot pans directly on to the countertops. If your granite counter top gets patches or any stain then without making delays you should wash it up by using liquid soap and water.

But after washing your granite kitchen countertop you should dry it completely with a piece of cloth and if it gets some scratches on to it then you should consult with a stone dealer.

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