PostHeaderIcon How to Get the Right Fireplace for Your Rooms

Doesn’t it feel absolutely heavenly when on a winter night you sit on a high backed chair, with a book, by the fireplace sipping whiskey, wine or even coffee? There is something so luxurious and calming about it. Fireplaces add warmth, life and exuberance to your home.

Options when it comes to fireplaces are abundant both in quantity and quality. From traditional marble or granite fireplaces to contemporary modern electric or gas lit fireplaces, you have so much to choose from. Adding a fireplace to your bedroom will add the passion and warmth of fire. Symmetry is very important; the fireplace shouldn’t look cluttered, decorate it symmetrically and keep the size constraints in mind.

Add a fireplace to your kitchen, to give you a warm comforting presence while you cook. A fireplace in your study is another excellent addition to add to the elegance and earthiness of your library. Outdoor fireplaces are also very convenient and trendy.

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