PostHeaderIcon How to keep your kitchen chimney clean

Your kitchen chimney keeps your kitchen beautiful by sucking out the smells, odors and smokes from it. But as a result of suction, some unwanted substances get stuck up into the flue leading to serous damage. Thus proper steps must be taken to clean up the kitchen chimney.

The outer surface of the chimney must be cleaned daily with a soft rag soaked in a cleanser. In electric chimneys, it is best to replace its charcoal filter after every six months. The cleaning brushes should be according to the size of the chimney. They have flexible fiberglass rods. Thus you can clean any bend or corner of your chimney.

The double spiral brushes (with more bristles) are perfect for removing soot. Use the single wire one if you have slight dusting. Get a flat wire brush which is ideal for heavy jobs. A poly brush is fitted for metal chimneys, as they do not cause scratches inside the pipe. While cleaning the fans, it is recommended to call the professionals.

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