PostHeaderIcon How to make your master bedroom appear spacious

master bedroom, bedroom décorBedroom is the sanctuary of the house and maintaining it to keep free of the everyday clothes, scattered books and other stuff amidst all the furniture is a tough job.

To make your master bedroom look spacious, you can take up a few simple methods:

  • Use the area under the bed as a storage space for unused baggage and old clothes stuffed in boxes.
  • Choose pastel and light shades for the wall, they give a spacious look to the room.
  • Get light colored curtains and blinds that match with the wall paint.
  • Purchase fully functional armoires with lots of drawer and space to hang clothes and accessories.
  • Get a low box bed with attached chests to keep books and even a reading lamp.
  • An armoire with a cabinet gives you the option to fit a television for your relaxation purpose and also saves wall space.

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