PostHeaderIcon ICF- Insulated Concrete forms

ICF are filled with concrete and are dry stacked without using mortar. They are energy efficient unbreakable concrete walls. These forms are somewhat like Lego blocks. Interior or exterior walls are formed by stacking the ICFs. Unbreakable rebar and steel is then added to the openings and finally concrete is plumbed in to form the fundamental constituent of the walls.

Buildings made from ICF are more quite, energy efficient and comfortable than the traditional buildings. They also have the reputation of providing minimal or no air leeks and thus preventing heat loss. They also contain qualities like thermal resistance and high sound absorption. In ICF constructed buildings there are no insects. ICF buildings are easy to construct. You can also get a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design by designing and building with ICFs. ICFs create a structure which is almost 10 times stronger than wood framed structure.

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