PostHeaderIcon Innovations you can do with your roof

rain water collection on roofsInnovations have no limit if you are creative. Therefore, your roof can also be the seat of your innovations. You can implement several innovative techniques in your roof, and make your home a masterpiece. But before doing any innovating yourself you should consult with a professional team.

If you ought to be an eco-friendly person, then you can surely use your roof to collect rainwater and store it in collection devices and storage containers, so that it could be used later on for the landscaping of your house or watering the garden. Also, by painting your rooftop totally white, you can cut down on the amount of electricity usage through air-conditioners by 5 to 20%.

Scalable wind turbines that would perfectly fit in your rooftops would allow wind energy harvesting. You can also fit vacuum solar panels in your rooftops that can heat up your home during a chilling day. It can also power your home if you have considerable amount of roof space to accommodate several such panels.

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