PostHeaderIcon Island color theme for your bedroom

A bedroom is a place you come back to from your busy day. It provides you with a chance to take a break and relax. This area is one of the most personal areas in your homes. To make it an effective retreat, most people add themes to their bedrooms. In case you are an island person, it would be a great idea to add an island theme to your bedroom.

Now how do you add an island theme to your bedroom? For that you will have to add on the shades of colors that are associated with an island. Blue, green, yellow are some of the common island shades. It must be taken care that all other furniture and accessories in the room compliment the shade. You could choose between wallpapers or paints.

In case you are going for wallpaper choose a poster with the image of a coast for the room. If you go for paints you could choose aquamarine shades like blue or sea green for the walls. A sandy yellow bedspread adds to the appeal.

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