PostHeaderIcon Plan a Relaxing Bedroom

You can make your bedroom much calmer and a nice place to relaxing in by utilising some simple but effective planning tips. For instance, your bedroom should be painted in your favourite colour. Do not choose stark colours.

Go in for more soothing shades. You can also opt for wallpapers which depict a calm mood. Add contrast. If your walls are purple, throw in some yellow pillows or a vase of yellow flowers. Try to use only one kind of fabric in the room. Make sure you choose soft textures, be it your paint finish or your furnishings.

Candles and other soothing elements spice up the ambience. The direction of the windows makes a great difference and you need to choose the correct type of curtains to avoid too much sun light from entering, especially if you live in hot climatic areas. Finally, put up some good music, and there you go.

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