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The retro style that was so hot in the fifties, sixties and seventies is back in vogue and interior decorators across the country have lapped it up with great enthusiasm and fervor. If you are a home décor enthusiast you too can pick up tips about decorating your home in retro style by flipping through the glossy pages of one of the leading interior décor magazines. Some of the staples that you are likely to find there are listed here as well.

To begin with, get some jazzy magazine advertisements from the 1950’s, frame the same and hang them along the length of a wall to create your own easy on the pocket retro wall art. Invest in a few retro style furniture pieces that have an abstract feel to them. As for the color, nothing can beat the avocado green and the mustard yellow. You can event opt for furnishings in combinations of white, black and red.

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