PostHeaderIcon Roof-top garden and their types

The garden created on a roof top is referred to as the roof-top garden. Apart from decking up your roof, it also helps to control temperature, provide recreational opportunities and food.

There are two types of roof top gardens based on the structural condition of the roof, extensive and intensive. The first one is a lightweight garden and requires very little maintenance. It can be installed in both sloped and flat roofs. You can grow here a wide range of wild flowers, hardy grasses, sedums. It is better to get drought tolerant herbs which would not be affected due excessive sun and wind exposure.

The intensive one needs a flat roof. These gardens possess an exotic variety of beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees. The vegetation either covers the whole area or is placed over raised beds. Thus a powerful roof structure is essential. These plants are sensitive, so, must be kept in covers during winter. Good maintenance is necessary and you need to fix proper lighting, exits and guard rails.

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