PostHeaderIcon Selecting Decoration and Paintings for fireplace

The chilly winters has set in and its time to set up your fireplace for warm evenings. Fireplaces are a great haven during winters. Some people may have backyard fireplaces while others have it indoors. Wherever it may be, it can be set up and decorated well to enjoy those chilly evenings. If you have enough space around your fireplace you can try out a variety of decorations and painting to make it appealing.

Painting around a fireplace should generally be dark colors like orange or red. These give it a cozy feel. It’s best to have red brick wood around the fireplace to help the fire ignite well. As for decorations, keep low base wooden chairs to sit and relax. Side tables are good to hold cups of teas and coffee. Never put decorative items that are prone to catching fire. Use inflammable decorative items preferably wood, timber or teak.

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