PostHeaderIcon Sliding doors for a contemporary look

Gone are the days when sliding doors were bulky and unattractive. Today, sliding doors not only offer style and beauty to the house but also provide safety and durability along with energy efficiency when used outdoors.

Sliding doors is preferred over swinging doors as it requires a lot lesser space. They reduce the risk of you falling down incase it opens onto a stairway or a small landing.

Sliding doors won’t bang or smash in the wind. Also sliding doors is more convenient if a handicapped person stays in the house, it gives an easy passage for the wheelchair and is easier to operate.

Modern day sliding doors can bend around 90degrees and pictures can be inscribed in it too to make it look more stylized. A new “”lift and slide “technology  has been introduced where the door rides easily on its rollers but then goes down into its tracks on its own. In the near future with the increased development of technology sliding doors will be used in more new and innovative ways.

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