PostHeaderIcon Table lamps for your study tables

The right table lamp is very important. Most people concentrate on all aspects of decorating a study room but overlook on the most important one. Choosing the wrong kind of lamp would mean that you would be putting unnecessary strain on your eyes and therefore hampering your eyesight. You need to ensure that the lamp you are choosing for the table provides the right amount of light and is of the right height.

The first criterion that you would have to keep in mind is the wiring of the table lamp. In case the table is set against a wall with an electric socket, it is fine. Otherwise the wiring becomes a big hassle. Often people use a wire system that obstructs movement into the room.

Once you have determined the wiring, check what kind of bulbs can be used. There are some lamps where changing of the bulb is quite a simple affair, while there are others where it is a quite a hassle. Do not overlook the height aspect.

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