PostHeaderIcon The optimum luminance for your workplace

Lights are usually always kept on in workplaces and this has tremendous repercussions. Since light translates into energy, the requirements of workplace lighting have become stricter. And this means you have to consider quite a few things if you want to get optimum luminance in your workplace. 

The first thing you need to consider while getting lights for the workplace is energy efficiency. Light bulbs with tungsten filament are extremely popular but these bulbs are energy inefficient to say the least. Your best choice for office lighting is fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs come with ballast that regulates the flow of electricity and prevents wastage of energy.

 Since lights at the workplace are kept on for most part of the day it is important to take the longevity of the lights into account. In this category too fluorescent bulbs win hands down, on an average they last for 24,000 hours. Cost also plays an important role in deciding the lighting of the workplace.

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