PostHeaderIcon Things you must do before the rainy season comes

Often it has been noticed that people don’t keep track of the seasons they are entering into and suffer due to that negligence. You have to be ready for the next season beforehand. Especially, when you have the rainy season ahead of you, be sure to make certain adjustments in terms of your home décor. Every room in your house has significance in itself and so does the house as a whole.

You should ensure that all your windows are shutting properly and are not cramped up, since climatic changes lead to expansion or contraction. You should also have thatched roofs across all windows to ensure that the water particles don’t hit your window as it might seep-in. You should also try to have a slanted floor in the front, so that water doesn’t get stagnated in front as it might then be a problem to walk in. So, now that you are ready you can start praying for the rain.

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