PostHeaderIcon Tips of cleaning French window using kitchen frame

French windows are the special type of window found in almost every home. Though it looks excellent for show but maintaining them and cleaning them regularly is a tough task to go through. You can call the cleaning agencies for doing up the task for you, but it may be costly. You can also go for cleaning it by yourself. You will be surprised to know that you can clean the whole window using materials from your kitchen.

The frame of the window should be cleaned with vinegar or lemon so that you can remove the rust from your French window frame. The vinegar is a good anti rusting agent. The soft cloth in the kitchen can be used for cleaning the window pane nicely. By adding a bit of vinegar to the cloth will make your window pane clean. While cleaning the French window you should clean up every window pane it will make it look better. So clean the window using simple materials from kitchen.

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