PostHeaderIcon Tips to maintain your doors and windows

Windows and doors are essential component of every room. Doors and windows often remain exposed to rain, sunlight and dust for elongated period of time. It may, thus, result in leaks and damages in them. Therefore, proper inspections need to be carried out regularly so as to maintain and preserve them, as well as to ensure they are in the proper condition.

There are various ways to prolong the health of the doors and windows of your house. Initially, while cleaning, do not use only a dry cloth. Use of sponge or a wet cloth is recommended, to avoid scratches. Lubricants should be used regularly for proper and supple movement at the joints. Problems related to cracks and rust should be treated with utmost promptness. Annual checking of the all the windows and doors must be carried out. Thus, with a little effort, you can keep your windows and doors in the most immaculate condition possible.

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