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Organize-a-Small-ClosetAll of us have a habit of collecting as many things as possible say for clothes or it is for accessories or shoes or bags. All of us like to have as many things as possible. But the real issue arises when we have too much of stuff with us but don’t have enough storage space. In this situation we usually make our closet cluttered and create a mess. When we have small closet, organizing a small closet especially with too much stuff is really a matter of issue but if you opt for the right tips then it is really simple. Organizing a small closet is easy once you start but the challenge you face is at the thing where to start from. Many of the times, you have so much stuff even those which you don’t even use and that things make your closet more messy and vulnerable. While organizing a small closet the most important thing to be taken care of is to remove all those items from the closet which is no longer in use and it will give you lots of extra added space to put those belongings which is used daily. Here are some of the tips which will help you to organize a small closet like a pro.

  • Take all your belongings out of closet

When you don’t have any idea as to what to do with your closet or how to organize a small closet, you must take all your things out of your closet. This will give a wholesome idea regarding what you have to deal with. This will let you know how much things you have packed up in your closet and how much you have to work hard to fit all this things in your small closet in a way which looks good and set.

  • Sort out your content

After taking all the things out, it will become easy for you to sort the things. Take your shoes aside, take your jewelry aside also take your scarfs aside and all those tinny things on one side. Now the thing which you have to deal with while organizing a small closet is clothes. Clothes are the major thing while organizing a small closet. Sort all those clothes out, which are out of fashion and you no longer wear them. Also put those clothes out which you occasionally wear. Don’t keep these clothes in your closet. Donate those clothes which you don’t wear and put you’re occasional or seasonal clothes in a bag and put it on a side. This will give you much of the space in your closet. This is one of the simplest ways to organize a small closet.

  • Take seasonal items out of your closet

You might have raincoat in your closet, sweaters and jackets in your closet which you definitely don’t use all year long. These are the seasonal items which occupies much of the space ion your closet and hence when you have s small closet and when you are organizing a small closet, you must take all such items out, put it in a bag and place it in another room or may be in your basement. By doing so, you will be able to organize a small closet in more efficient manner. You can also store your seasonal clothes in garage or attic space if you have one. Don’t forget to put your stuff in plastic boxes having air tight lids as it will protect your stuff from mold and mildew. If you are not having any extra storage space except your closet then consider putting these stuff on the higher rack of your closet where you don’t need to go daily for searching for your daily stuff.

  • Measure your space

Before you start organizing a small closet and start putting your stuff back into your closet, you must map out your closet space. Having precise measurement of the closet space, will help you organize a small closet in best possible manner and also give you a better idea as to how to fit in your stuff and where.

  • Add adjustable shelving

Adding shelf space to your closet is a great way to organize a small closet. You can fix shelves of different size and adjust your stuff into shelves. Having shelves in your closet according to your desire is more preferable while adjusting your things as you know which thing to put in which shelves and how.

  • Make use of wicker basket and small basket bins and drawers

You can have the preference of storing the small items into small containers and put them on the shelves of your closet and by doing so all your small items will be in one container only hence you can find them when needed and also it will need less space when put together. If you are opting to use wicker while organizing a small closet then opt for linen basket or canvas lined basket specially for storing those items which are made from clothes. The lining will save from clothes from getting ripped or snagged. Using bins is a great option as it will allow seeing which items you have stored in there so even if you forget you can have a quick glance at the things stored in there. If you are using those types of containers through which you cannot have a glance then you should try labeling them as which things are stored in there.

  • Put shoe rack in your closet

Shoes kept in the closet can cover much of the space in your closet and thus it is advisable that while organizing a small closet, you must install a shoe rack in your closet and adjust all your shoes in there. You can try keeping your extra shoes in a bag or basket and keep it somewhere else and not in your closet as it can eat up lot of your space.









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