PostHeaderIcon Tips to update home interiors

Do you envy your neighbors brand new furnished apartment? And are you tired of living in the same old monotonous décor? Here is a list of home decorating tips after which you will stop complaining.

Ensure that all electrical fitting and wirings are intact; remove all old chipped paint from the walls and the furniture’s. Redecorate the house with a new coat of paint that will magically transform the old drab house into a living castle. Use bright colors and modern texture to brighten up the walls.

Replace old furnishings like cushion covers and bed sheets with funky new bright fabrics and revamp the furniture’s with new upholstery. Accessories make a big difference, too many makes the room look cluttered whereas too little makes it look dull old and boring. Strike the right balance.

Re-polish the kitchen cabinets to make it look brand new. Hang bright colored cutleries on the wall to cheer up the kitchen. Gardening cannot be neglected, cut your grass once in 6-8 days.

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